Electric car maintenance cost, schedules, issues, benifits 2023

Suppose you own an electric car or thinking about buying one electric car but are confused about its maintenance and servicing. Then you’re in the right place here we will give you all the information about Electric car maintenance including its cost, schedules, different issues, and benefits.

So, stick till the end of this article to learn all the details on Electric car servicing and maintenance which will help you to get all answers to your question and doubt about electric car maintenance and servicing.

Do electric car needs servicing?

Before moving towards electric car maintenance, let us know do electric cars really need maintenance. If yes, then learn why the electric car needs maintenance and how it works.

Like an internal combustion car electric cars also needs maintenance but they need less maintenance compared to an engine car. Because an internal combustion engine has more moving parts than an electric car.

So, electric cars need less maintenance than a normal gas car, but the important components of an electric car that needs to be serviced at certain times are

  • Battery
  • Battery coolant
  • Motor oil
  • Tire rotation
  • Brake fluid flush
  • Brake pads

These are the important parts of the electric car which need proper maintenance and service at a certain time.

common problems with electric cars

The command problem with an electric will be its battery life. In every electric vehicle every year its battery health will be reduced by 2% which will increase by every year.

So, here are some of the command problems of electric cars which you may experience in future

  • Reduced range of electric cars after some years
  • The electric cars are software controlled, so they can easily be hacked
  • There are fewer numbers EV experts who can fix an EV problem
  • Right now most of the EV chargers are not properly working
  • Most peoples who own electric car does not know how to operate a public EV charger So, public EV chargers are a little complicated to use
  • More safety equipment is required to deal with EV maintenance due to the high voltage
  • Replacing the battery of an EV will be expensive

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electric car maintenance issues

One of the common issues with an Electric car or any electric vehicle is if you have any small issue in your EV then you cannot fix it at your local garage as you fix any small problems in your gas vehicles in the local garage.

Because right now there are not many EV experts in many areas. So you need to find an EV expert to fix your EV problems.

Right now this will be a problem for most people. But in the future, as Electric Vehicles increase in the market the number of servicing and maintenance experts also increase. So, in future the electric car maintenance will be easy as a gas car.

Also, most people do not have proper knowledge of Electric vehicle technology so if they have any minor problem while traveling they cannot fix the problem themself rather than waiting for help.

Other than this you also need proper safety-insulated equipment for any electric vehicle service or maintenance while dealing with high voltage.

electric cars maintenance benefits

For anything including an electric car that has proper maintenance and servicing, it will last longer and work properly for a long period without any major issues.

In an electric car, the major benefit of proper maintenance is

  • The battery life can be improved
  • Fewer problems in the Motor
  • Less performance loss on the car
  • The resale value of the car is increased

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what maintenance is required on an electric car

As we mentioned above the most important parts of the electric car which need proper maintenance are Battery, Battery coolant, Tires rotation, Break fluid flush, Break pads


electric car maintenance cost 1
Image source: Car Magazine

The battery is the heart of any electric vehicle and if the battery of an electric car gets proper maintenance then it will last longer and its battery health will be reduced slowly.

Also, most electric car batteries and motors have up to 8 years of warranty so for 8 years 90% there will be not any major issue in any electric car battery and motor. Even you can increase its battery life up to 10-15 years with proper maintenance and servicing.

So, here are the key factors that should be checked while EV Battery service and maintenance

  • If there is any damage to Battery
  • Battery health
  • is the battery is propper charging or not

Battery Coolant

electric car battery coolant
Image Source: assemblymag

The battery coolant is one of the most important components in an electric car. As the name suggests is used to cool the battery while the battery temperature increases in many cases.

If the coolant of an electric car does not work properly then there will be a problem of fire in the battery when it reaches a high temperature. Also, the temperature of the battery reduces the battery’s health which leads to a decrease in range.

So, you have to make proper service and maintenance of your EV coolant and replace it in the company-given time.

Motor Oil

electric car motor oil
Image source: Lifewire

Like engine oil, in a gas car, the electric car motor also needs motor oil to run the motor smoothly. And this Motor oil also needs to be replaced for certain miles of the run on your electric car as in the company mentioned miles.

But this motor oil also doesn’t need to be inspected on daily bases but you make sure to check it once in 2-3 months.

Tire Rotation

electric car maintenance issues
Image source: WESH

Now the tire rotation problems are the same for both electric and gas cars. But most of the time electric cars are heavier than gas cars so they had to handle a ton of weight on them.

Also, the initial torque of electric cars is very high so the instant acceleration of the electric car spins the tires very fast so the tires will shred quicker in electric cars as compared to a gas car.

So, make sure to do a proper check on your electric car tires at a certain time.

Brake fluid flush

Brake fluid flush 1
Image source: Autozone

The brake fluids are also an important thing that should be serviced at the proper time. These brake fluids help to put pressure on the pads to the rotors which apply the break.

But if the brake fluid flush becomes more polluted are thin then this will not work properly and fails to apply the break which may lead to an accident. So, you have to make sure your brake fluid is good and working properly.

Brake Pads

ev brake pads
Image source: The Drive

Now in electric cars, you don’t need to be wary about the brake pads because, in the electric car, the regenerative braking systems work as the brakes while releasing the acceleration.

But it means not that you don’t need to worry about the brakes for too long time. So, you should also check on your brake pads once in a while if you use more brakes than depending on a regenerative braking system.

what is the maintenance cost of an electric car?

If you don’t have any major issues and do not need to change any other part of your electric car then the normal inspection of your electric vehicle will cost you around $150 to $300.

But if you have to change any part or change the motor or break the oil then it will cost you some extra dollars. Overall electric car maintenance cost and servicing costs will be way lesser than a gas car.

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Electric car maintenance schedules

Now on electric car maintenance schedules, it totally depends on the electric car your using because every electric car company has different schedules for the maintenance of their EVs.

Commonly every electric car needs maintenance for every 2000 miles to 4000 miles depending on the car. But the components of the electric car have different ranges and times to replace them.

So, here are the electric car components that need to be replaced after a certain time, but these replacement times are the average time for a normal electric car. So this EV components replacement time will be different for every electric car.

ComponentsReplacement Time
BatteryAfter 8-10 years
Battery coolant50,000 miles to 120,000 miles
Motor oilAfter 6,500 miles
Tire Rotation3,500 miles to 7,500 miles
Break fluid flushAfter 30,000 miles
Break padsAfter 40,000 miles
Electric Car component replacement schedule

FAQs of Electric Car Maintenance

Do electric car requires a lot of maintenance?

No, if we compare the electric car maintenance to an ICE or gas car then it will need wy lesser maintenance.

Is maintenance on an electric car expensive?

No, the maintenance cost of an electric car is way lesser than a gas car.

How often does an electric car need to be serviced?

If you ask how often an electric car needs to be serviced then it is different for every electric car depending upon its battery and components. But normally an electric car should be serviced for every 2000 miles to 4000 miles.

What needs to be maintained on electric cars?

There are many parts in an electric car that needs to be maintained, But most commonly you should take care of the battery, battery coolant, motor oil, tire rotation, brake fluid, brake pads, etc.

What is the life span of an electric car?

The life span of an electric car depends upon its battery because the battery is the main part of an electric car. So if you properly maintained the battery then it will last longer up to 10-15 years otherwise 8 years.


Now if you take care of anything properly then it will always last longer and work properly. So proper electric car maintenance will keep your EV in good condition and it will last longer and you will face fewer problems in them.

So, always make proper maintenance and servicing of your electric car.

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