Tesla Model Y Dominating Entire Europe

Tesla’s of the entry-level electric car the Tesla Model Y is now dominating the entire Europe market with the highest sales in November month.

Tesla sold nearly 20,000 Tesla Model Y in the month of November all over Europe and these 20,000 sales are not only top in the electric vehicles segment it is for top for all cars.

This nearly 20,000 Tesla Model Y sales in November increased by 260 percent compared to last year.

And it is the second time when a tesla car has been top in sales, but this time it become top for the entire Europe continent which makes it special.

According to tesla in the month of October the shipment delay which occurs in china kept down tesla car sales in October, But from November they are catching up.

This rise in sales of Tesla Model Y across Europe now tesla has increased the production of Model Y in GigaFactory Berlin where they now have 3,000 EVs every single week and some other EVs are imported from GigaFactory shanghai to Europe.

Also, Tesla predicted that in the month of December they will sell more Model Y’s than in November because they have already sold over 5,000 Tesla Model Y’s only in Norway.

So, by the end of 2022 tesla may reach again on top in Europe. Now Tesla Model Y’s price starts from 53,990 Euros in Europe which is around $58,000.

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