Tesla motorcycle price, range, speed & all specs

In the arena of electric vehicle manufacturing, Tesla is the most famous and productive company. Tesla will soon introduce its motorcycle. With the help of this Tesla motorcycle, the company can completely take over the motorcycle market.

Elon Musk is aware of how common and large a market the electric bicycle has worldwide. As a result, Tesla will soon introduce its first motorcycle, a high-end electric bike with cutting-edge features and performance similar to those of Tesla electric automobiles. Tesla has introduced numerous cutting-edge technologies, aesthetics, and functionalities, therefore no other bike in the world can compete with that.

But you have to stick to the end of this blog to know all features of this Tesla Model M electric bike and the secret of this tesla bike.

Tesla Motorcycle Concept

The name of this motorcycle is the Tesla model M. This bike has a stylish look, but as you are probably aware, Tesla also excels in terms of the user interface, and it has developed an exciting concept based on Tesla’s in-car UI.

The Model M is a high-end motorbike. The vehicle’s top touchscreen display is its crowning achievement and key component. Although this electric bike will have certain older Tesla UI concepts, you can see how Tesla could be able to do something interesting.

Tesla Motorcycle Features

Here are some exciting features of the model M:

  • Unique futuristic design
  • It features folding handlebars.
  • Additionally, it features footsteps which are customizable.
  • Multiple sensors
  • Rearview camera
  • One of the most important aspects of this bike is the incredible touchscreen display on top.
Tesla motorcycle top speed

Tesla Motorcycle Price

The Tesla Model M is a motorcycle designed for the adventurous person of the future who values multi-functional, effective, and ecologically sustainable means of personal transportation. But the question is what will be the price of this motorcycle when it will become available in the near future?

As of now, Tesla hasn’t confirmed whether a motorcycle will be launched or not soon. Therefore, no details are available regarding the price of this motorcycle. We are not in a position to predict the price of this bike.

But, we do know that the Tesla Model M will be very expensive, but it is then it will be easily priced around $50,000. And, this motorcycle isn’t competed by any bike in the whole world. We can expect a wonderful motorcycle from the Tesla company.

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Tesla Motorcycle Range & Battery

Again, there are no details available regarding the range & battery of this electric vehicle. But, we can predict that it can provide you with a range of 200 miles or more on a single charge. The battery pack of this electric vehicle can be charged in just 2.5 hours or maybe less. That’s pretty impressive.

And these figures aren’t competed by any electric bike in this whole world. The above figures are just a prediction, the actual range and charge time may be different, don’t completely rely on these figures. Other details like the battery pack, and its capacity, aren’t available yet.

tesla motorcycle price

Tesla Motorcycle Top Speed & Power

Tesla has not yet made available the official powertrain specifications, but we can some figures that this bike will be having. According to us, this electric bike can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour (mph) in just 3.5 to 4 seconds and will have a top speed of 120 mph (200 kph) or more. We are clear here that these figures are just a prediction, actual figures may be different from them, please don’t rely completely on these figures.

Other details like towing capacity, horsepower, torque, etc. aren’t available. And also there is no hint about these details, as a result, we are unable to predict them right now. But, in simple words, it will be a power-pack electric bike that will get lots of love from customers.

Tesla Motorcycle Body & Design

The Cybertruck served as the inspiration for the Tesla Model M, which Elon Musk himself and other motorcycle fans would find attractive. The Tesla motorcycle has a stylish horizontal LED strip-style headlight up front that borrows design inspiration from Cybertrucks. A fairly substantial yet edgy middle portion that contains the battery pack, motor, and all other internals balances this out.

An LED taillight with a built-in charging port is available at the back. The red-black rider seat (there isn’t room for a pillion here) and the metallic grey paint scheme, which was once again driven by the Cybertruck, bring everything together. Additionally, the bike has super-cool hubless wheels with LEDs on the tire wall.

tesla motorcycle specs

To minimize space while not in use, the handlebars are foldable and built into the frame of the bike. Similar to a handbag, the motorcycle’s middle part, which houses the battery, is replaceable and serves as a hindrance to theft. The top display touch panel, which is bent upward and upward toward the rider for greater visibility without interruption, is the vehicle’s focus overall.

You can simply discover your location, a new restaurant, or your favorite song thanks to its mobile connectivity and rich natural features at your fingertips. The size of the display makes us pause and ask if it will be reasonable to maximize the quantity of information shown while using the layout of the motorbike to keep it as polite and friendly manner as possible.

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Tesla Motorcycle Specs

Release DateN/A
BatteryAround 5kWh
Range200 miles
Charging Time2.5 hours
Top Speed120 mph
0-60 mph time3.5 seconds
Tesla Motorcycle Specs

FAQs of Tesla Motorcycle

How much is the Tesla motorcycle?

The Tesla motorcycle is expected to price at around $50,000.

Is there going to be a Tesla motorcycle?

No, the concept of the Tesla motorcycle is designed and features are done by motorcycle designer James Gawley. And there are not any official statements or any reports of making an electric bike by tesla.

How fast will the Tesla motorcycle go?

According to the concept, the Tesla motorcycle can go up to 120 mph at top speed.

Tesla Model M(Video: Future Unity)

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The secret of Tesla Motorcycle

Finally, the truth is there is not any Tesla Motorcycle that exists right now and rare chance of in the future Tesla will think about making an electric motorcycle. Because on an interview Elon Musk told that when he is 17 years old he was almost killed by a truck while riding his bike. And he told that bikes are so dangerous to ride.

But the information and design given in this blog are based on the concept of the Tesla Model M motorcycle, which is created by Motorcycle designer James Gawley.


In conclusion, this representation of the Tesla motorcycle is probably one of the best ones so far, and the commitment to excellence only serves to increase its already amazing quality. If this electric bike is launched then it will rule the motorcycle industry. It will surely turn heads on the roads. But right now it’s not possible.

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