About us

In this blog, we are providing information and news about all types of electric vehicles like electric cars, electric bikes, electric scooters, etc. The future is electric so the dedicated electric vehicles information providing blogs are not more on the internet so we decided to focus only on electric vehicles and try to provide all the latest information about electric vehicles as possible with us.

About me

My name is sanjay naik, I am from Udupi Karnataka. Basically, I am an electrical engineering student. Right now I am in my third-year diploma in electrical and electronics engineering. Currently, I am studying at Dr.TMA PAI Polytechnic Manipal. After completing my diploma for higher education I am completing my engineering degree from Manipal Institute of Technology.

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Why I am doing blogging?

Always I am interested in Technology and I love cars. I got interested in Electric cars when I heard About tesla, Because at the time when tesla launched there are not any capable cars in the electric segment so it inspired me so much and I got interested in electric cars. So I started Blogging where I can learn about electric cars and share the information which I learned so it can help me in my future for my electrical engineering field.

Future plane of this blog

I am thinking about making this blog a company that provides all the information about electric vehicles all around the world and tries to improve the futuristic technology of electric vehicles which become more capable in every single industry.

If you have any queries regarding the Site, Advertisement, and any other issues, please feel free to contact me at naik60115@gmail.com

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