There will be no more Diesel Truck sales in California after 2036

California has decided to ban the new Diesel medium and heavy-duty truck sales by 2036 to make zero-emission transportation in the state.

A recent Californias Air Resources Board voted on its advanced clean fleet rules which has the goal to bane the sales of medium and heavy-duty diesel trucks by 2036. Then after 2036, all new trucks will be registered zero emission vehicles.

From these strict rules against ICE vehicles California may become the first state in the USA to achieve its zero-emission vehicle goals where it has also aimed to make its all-car sales will be also zero emission by 2035.

Under these new rules, the California government is expected to make 70% of the passenger and transportation vehicles on the roads will be zero emission and by 2045 it will be around 90%.

But before this new rule California has decided to make its passenger vehicles zero emission by 2040 but it has changed it and made it even faster by 2036.

All of these new rules to promote zero-emission vehicles have indicated all the ICE vehicles manufacturer to shift its vehicle to zero-emission by the next decade.

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