Tesla Powerwall will help to tackle fuel poverty

New Tesla Powerwalls are installed at a new low-income housing project in Scotland which could potentially decrease the price of the power.

A new housing project has been under development in North Lanarkshire, Scotland where 150 of the houses have been installed with solar roofs with Tesla Powerwall which could help to produce and store some extra energy that could help the residents to save some money on energy expenses.

As the energy price has been increasing in Europe making some low-income families difficult to pay more money for energy to help these types of low-income families this Tesla power wall project has been developed.

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Under this project, there will be 150 houses developed with these energy-saving Tesla Powerwalls where it has both two and three-bedroom houses for rental purposes.

And most of these project houses are built by the CCG and Arc-Tech engineering companies who have installed this Tesla Powerwall and solar panel at some houses to test if they can reduce the energy prices, which could possibly help the low-income family to easily afford the energy.

Also, these Tesla Powerwall projects are supported by the Scottish government which is expected to complete this project by the end of these years.

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