Tesla Model 3 & Model Y are the most popular EVs in the used EV car segment at Carmax

Now Tesla Model and the Model Y becomes the most popular car in the used EV car segment at Carmax according to their recent report.

Carmax is the biggest used car retailer in the USA which has seen insane growth in the used EV car segments in recent years. And the Tesla EVs are the top 2 most demanding cars on their online website and in dealerships.

Also, the search for electric vehicles on the Carmax website has increased by 100% as compared to February 2022 to February 2023. It seems like people are looking forward to electric vehicles as the EVs become more convenient and the Tax credits make them affordable for most people.

Also, the recent hike in gas prices makes people move forward for EVs rather than depending upon an ICE car.

Now the top 10 most popular EVs as per the Carmax 2023 reports is

Top 10 EVsAverage price at Carmax
1.Tesla Model 3$37,000
2. Tesla Model Y $47,000
3. Nissan LEAF$24,000
4. Ford Mustang Mach-E$48,000
5. Chevrolet Bolt EV$26,000
6. BMW i3$22,000
7. Tesla Model X$72,000
8. Tesla Model S$63,000
9. Jaguar I-Place$43,000
10. Hyundai Ioniq Electric$26,000
Top 10 demanding EVs in Carmax 2023

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Now the top 10 most popular EVs in Carmax show that Tesla EVs are the most popular ones where Tesla Model 3 is in the first position and Model Y is just behind it.

Now you have noticed that all four Tesla Models are on this list Model 3 to its expensive models Tesla Model X and Model S.

Now let us know in the comment below if you’re an EV owner if yes then which one do you own and what is your dream EV?

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