The new $8,995 Ryvid Anthem Electric Motorcycle has increased its production as increased demand across the US

The recently featured new electric motorcycle manufacturing company Ryvid has become quite popular with its recent launch of its first E motorcycle where it has almost completed its new San Bernadino factory which will help them to increase their production and to develop new models.

The company first launched the Ryvid Anthem in early 2023 and is now becoming popular among people due to its unique features.

This bike offers a 4.3kWh removable battery pack which makes it easy to charge by taking off the battery and charging it anywhere.

Also, this battery pack can provide up to 75+ miles of range from a single charge which makes it a perfect bike for daily city use as well as take it on a short drive on weekends.

Ryvid Anthem Electric Motorcycle

Image: Ryvid

With this, it has an adjustable seat that can lower the saddle height by 4 inches or 100mm, which makes it perfect for different heights people.

Now you can reserve this motorcycle for $100 on their website and get it one for you and enjoy the quiet ride.

Also, we can expect a new model from Ryvid in 2024 and it can have more range and power targeting the specific riders who need more power to enjoy the thrilling ride experience.

Let us know your thoughts on the Ryvid electric motorcycle and if you own one then leave a comment telling your experience with this bike.

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