Volcon Grunt price, Range, top speed, horsepower, & review

volcon grunt price

Volcon Grunt is an All-electric motorcycle manufactured by the company Volcon. The Volcon Grunt is an off-road electric bike that is easy to operate and fun to ride. The Volcon Grunt price starts from $7,995 in the U.S. The Volcon Grunt is made for outdoor off-road usage. The Volcon Grunt has no clutch, gear, gas, … Read more

Hover 1 alpha electric scooter review, battery, top speed & all specs

hover 1 alpha electric scooter

The Hover 1 alpha electric scooter is one of the best entry-level electric scooters that helps to easily ride around your city without any traffic problems. The Hover 1 Alpha is a powerful foldable electric scooter with many features which will make it easy to control and safe to ride. So, here in this blog, … Read more

Super73 s2 price, range, top speed & review

super73 s2

By combining the advantages of a motorbike and an e-bike into one concept, the Super 73 S2 achieves something that the majority of other makers could only dream of doing. The super73 s2 e-bike is simply an improvement of the Super73-S1 model. It resembles the look of a 60s Cafe racer. In this blog post, … Read more

Tesla motorcycle price, range, speed & all specs

tesla motorcycle

In the arena of electric vehicle manufacturing, Tesla is the most famous and productive company. Tesla will soon introduce its motorcycle. With the help of this Tesla motorcycle, the company can completely take over the motorcycle market. Elon Musk is aware of how common and large a market the electric bicycle has worldwide. As a … Read more

Jetson bolt pro price, top speed, mods, review & all specs

jetson bolt pro

Jetson is one of the famous electric bike producers; the brand is famous for producing some of the best e-bike models worldwide. Jetson has recently launched a new compact e-bike jetson bolt pro. The bolt pro is an e-bike that has been designed to give you an awesome ride. It comes with all the features … Read more

Ariel rider grizzly v2 price, top speed, range & all specs

ariel rider grizzly v2

The ariel rider grizzly v2 is one of the most popular electric bikes on the market and with good reason. It has all the features found in other e-bikes in this price range. The best thing about this bike is that it’s not only affordable but also durable. In this blog post, we are going … Read more

Sur Ron x price, range, top speed, weight & all specs

sur ron x

The sur ron x is more than merely a dirt bike; it’s an up-and-waiting adventure. As soon as you put your helmet on, you’ll be free from noise and fumes and set to explore. It is a top-of-the-line dirt bike that is entertaining and useful. For riders who prefer to explore off the main route, … Read more

Razor e100 electric scooter price, battery, speed & all specs

razor e100 electric scooter

Looking for a fantastic gift for your children? Something that will encourage them to enjoy time outdoors? There is no need to look past the razor e100 electric scooter! Your kids will enjoy it while it lasts even though it won’t last for ages. For a more comfortable ride overall, the E100 has a smooth … Read more

Segway x160 price, top speed, range & all specs

segway x160

Segway is famous for producing high-quality bikes. With the launch of its new electric dirt bike segway x160, Segway is entering the market for electric power sports. The X160 is a light, medium-sized electric dirt bike originally developed for striking both on- and off-road surfaces. The bike’s size allows it to fit both adults and … Read more

Energica Ego price, top speed, range & all specs

energica ego

Energica Ego Electric bikes are the new buzz of the town. Not only are they eco-friendly, but also they are easy to use. One can master them in no time. And can be used by all family members. You will be overwhelmed with several options available in the market and find it challenging to buy … Read more