A camouflaged Tesla car spotted in china rumors says it is an upcoming $25000 Tesla Model 2

Recently in the last few days, a Tesla-shaped camouflaged electric car prototype was spotted in china while testing. It looks like a Tesla car from its design and headlights, which made us think it is the upcoming Tesla’s $25,000 budget car, also known as Tesla Model 2.

But some other reports claim that this is a Tesla electric car explicitly made for China and they call it Tesla Model 2. But right now Tesla has not officially confirmed the prototype of this Tesla-shaped car. So it’s hard to tell if is it the upcoming Tesla Cra it will be a prank.

On the other hand, it looks like a Mazda CX-30 body so it’s very confusing to say whether it’s a Tesla car or a Mazda’s new electric car.

Also, Tesla cars are never seen using camouflage for their EVs while testing their prototype or its production model. So, it could not be a Tesla car.

Overall now everyone is excited about this new Tesla-looking electronic car which is expected to be Tesla’s most anticipated budget car the Tesla Model 2. But unless Tesla does not officially reveals this EV we cannot confirm it is a Tesla EV.

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Also, earlier this day there is a report showing the design of a new compact electric car which is believed to be the design of the Teslas Model 2 this report is also not confirmed but there are many reports pointing toward Teslas new EV

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