Check this MK4 eVTOL worlds first flying racing car just like a Formula car but for air

The future of racing is here. Check out this flying racing car called Mk4 eVOTOL made by an Australian-based company called Alauda Aueronotics. And this flying electric car will be used in the upcoming Airspeeder racing league, which is a racing league made for electric flying vehicles based in London.

This Mk4 eVTOL is an electric flying racing car that is powered by a Hydrogen Turbogenerator which can produce up to 1,340 horsepower. From this Hydrogen power, the Mk4 eVTOL can reach a top speed of 225 mph (360 km/h) in 30 seconds from its initial flying position.

From this power and speed, we can expect how fast can this flying electric car can go and this will be the future of flying races.

Also, this Mk4 eVTOL can fly for up to 188 miles (300 km) from a full tank of hydrogen and its zero-emission flying car only emits water instead of carbon emission.

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According to Airspeeder and Alauda Aueronotics, they are already testing this MK4 in Australia for future races.

The CEO of Alauda Aueronotics Matt Pearson also mentioned that they are ready for the future crewed flying car race.

And they are all set with all vehicle developments, and venues and had sponsors to bring this new revolutionary motorsport in front of the world and set to begin a new era of flying racing cars.

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