Bollinger b1 price, range, interior, release date & all specs

The world is becoming more electronic, this is not surprising. Through an effort to establish themselves as the next big brand in electric vehicles, small businesses and producers are stepping on the trend. Bollinger, a car manufacturing brand, is starting to produce the first Class 3 electric vehicle itself with Bollinger b1.

The B1 is large and boxy, created just to drive it through the landscape, surpass every challenge, and also get you back to your starting point without producing any pollutants. And we are going to provide you with all the details about the B1 electric truck in this blog post.

Bollinger b1 Features

Here are some best features of this Bollinger SUV:

  • It comes with a 120kw battery back which can give the best range.
  • It has an all-wheel drive system.
  • It has an aluminum body.
  • It also comes with two motors, one motor on the front axle and the other on the rear axle.

Bollinger b1 price

If we talk about the cost of this electric vehicle, as per Bollinger, the starting price of B1 is roughly around $125000. Unreasonably high given the limited amenities and choices. However, those are all hand-built, for better or worse, and they gave momentum to other organizations that needed to adopt the concept of a heavy-duty electric truck.

In addition to any possible state tax incentives, all Bollinger vehicles will probably be available for a $7,500 federal tax credit. The ultimate price will change due to taxes and delivery costs, and like the delivery date, it is likely to change.

bollinger suv
Bollinger SUV(Image: Bollinger Motors)

Bollinger b1 Release Date

According to Bollinger Motors right now they have paused the development of b1 & b2, and they are focusing on the development of Bollinger trucks. So, we think Bollinger will not launch the b1 until 2024.

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Bollinger b1 Range & Battery

B1 comes with a 120kWh battery pack. Bollinger says, the B1 is having a range of up to 200 miles, which is around 175 miles less than a Tesla Model X, despite having large off-road tires and a boxy design. The average fuel efficiency is 70 MPGe.

110V or 220V outlets are suitable with Bollinger’s electric trucks. The 220-volt charge may take up to 10 hours, but DC fast-charging is also an option, and can fully recharge it in around 75 minutes.

Bollinger b1 Power & Performance

B1 features two electric motors, one on the front and the other on the back axle. The vehicle’s all-wheel-drive system can produce 614 hp and 668 pounds of torque. It can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.5 seconds.

But the maximum speed is only 100 mph. A two-speed transfer case will enable the B1 to have a low and high range. A few suitable tools come with the battery-operated vehicle to enable it to function as a good off-roader.

The B1 will have a 15-inch ground clearance, a front, and rear lockable differential, and 10 inches of wheel travel, making it ready to handle any obstacle around the farms. The payload and towing capacities of this electric vehicle are 5,201 pounds and 7,500 pounds respectively. Despite the load, a cross-linked hydropneumatic suspension will adjust the spring and damping rates to provide a comfortable ride.

bollinger b1 interior
Bollinger b1 Interior(Image: Bollinger Motors)

Bollinger b1 Interior

The interior of B1 only has four bucket seats and lacks the majority of today’s luxuries. A full telephone pole can be transported by opening the trunk and frunk, which are conveniently located on load floors that run between the seats and from tailgate to tailgate. For even more storage space, the back seats can be folded up towards the side windows.

Technology is not the main attraction here, unlike other electric vehicles. There are only a few gauges and toggle buttons. There is no huge infotainment screen. On their website, Bollinger does mention that their vehicles will have air conditioning and Bluetooth connectivity, but there are still no details available regarding the audio system.

The doors, windows, roof panels, and windshield on the B1 are removable, just like on the Jeep models. Black “Dura-texture” paint has been used to cover the walls and floors of Bollinger. The floor’s rub strips are made of wood or are easy to replace with other entertaining objects.

To ford and endure hosing out, the interior has closed. Even “dome light” LED light strips have an IP68 rating for water resistance. For flexible cargo options, rear seats have quick-release mounts.

With heat and length-adjustable leg support, everyone is equally comfortable. Cloth, leather, and vegan leather are available covering options for seats.

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Bollinger b1 Exterior Features

Flat and detachable external panels naturally give it the appearance of a Jeep Wrangler or vintage Defender. Along with the passenger bucket seats, there are four pop-off glass (or aluminum) roof panels. The outside is made of sheet metal that is attached with exposed rivets, giving it a sturdy look and making production simpler for the producer.

For greater headroom and storage, the beltline is extended above that of the typical SUV. If load leveling or correction is required, a single pump delivers pressure for the hydropneumatic suspension. However, the same pump also compresses the power support for the brakes and steering, which contributes to the suspension system’s exceptional simplicity.

Huge cargo space of 113 cubic feet. With neutral for flat-towing, it will include a two-speed Hi/Lo gearbox. Since the taller windows make up for the higher beltline, the vision from inside should be excellent. Bollinger says that the new front fascia represents a milestone in thermal dynamics because a smaller radiator has been positioned behind the bumper. As a result, the need for an additional radiator stack has been deleted, resulting in no additional weight.

bollinger b1 price
Bollinger B1 Electric SUV(Image: Bollinger Motors)

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Bollinger b1 Specs

Release Date2024-2025
MotorDual Motor
Drive TypeAWD
Battery120 kWh
Range200 miles
Charging Time0-100% in 75 min with DC fast charger
Horsepower614 hp
Torque668 lb-ft of Torque
Top Speed100 mph
0-60 mph4.5 seconds
Seating Capacity4
Payload Capacity5,201 pounds
Towing Capacity7,500 pounds
Bollinger b1 specs

FAQs of Bollinger b1

What happened to Bollinger b1?

According to Bollinger Motors right now they have paused the development of b1 & b2, and they are focusing on the development of Bollinger trucks. So, we think Bollinger will not launch the b1 until 2024.

How much will a Bollinger b1 cost?

The Bollinger b1 is expected to cost around $125,000.

How long does a Bollinger b1 go?

The Bollinger b1 has a big 120kWh battery which can provide up to 200 miles of range from a single charge.

How fast is a Bollinger SUV?

The Bollinger SUV can reach a maximum speed of 100 mph.

Bollinger SUV(Video: Engadget)

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In conclusion, the B1 Electric Truck is a great vehicle. It has many features that make it easy to use and transport goods around town or out in the country. This truck just screams fun! This is the perfect all-around electric vehicle for any household, with no need to worry about gas prices.

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