Mercedes-Benz EQ series cars sales increased by 89%

The recent report from Mercedes-Benz shows that the company’s EV sales have increased by 89% in the Q1 of 2023.

According to Mercedes-Benz it sold 51,600 all-electric vehicles in the first quarter of 2023 which has increased by 89% compared to last year. Where Mercedes is able to sell 27,400 EVs.

As we know that the future is electric and more people are using all-electric vehicles as the EV technology improved which makes EVs perform equal to ICE vehicles.

So, there is not much doubt about increasing the EV sales of Mercedes-Benz and other automotive brands in the future.

Now Mercedes has only revealed the sales report of the all-electric vehicle but it has not revealed any information about plug-in EVs.

Most of all Mercedes electric vehicles are sold in the EQ series which has 8 models. where 11,800 units of EQB models, 10,800 models of EQA, 9,400 units of EQE Sedan, 5,500 units of EQS SUV, and 14,700 of other Mercedes EVs are sold.

Also, there is the most iconic Mercedes G-wagon electric model the Mercedes EQG is coming in the future which can increase Mercedes EV sales more than this.

Overall let us know your opinion in the comment below on Mercedes EVs and EV future in the luxury EV segment.

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