Mercedes EQG price, range, release date & all specs

It would be difficult to dispute the fact that the Mercedes-Benz G-Class is one of the most
capable all-around cars on the market, blending luxury, status, and great on- and off-road
performance into a single iconic package, whether you name it the G-Wagen or the G-Wagon.
Similar to what Ford did with the Bronco and Mustang, Mercedes is introducing a “G” sub-brand,
and the G-future Class types will just be electric models. Mercedes has revealed the new
electric car in its range called the Mercedes EQG.

Mercedes-Benz is trying to distinguish its EVs with “EQ” branding. In this article, we are going to
take a quick look at this electric vehicle, to avoid skipping the end if you don’t want to miss
anything about this particular ev.

Mercedes EQG Features

The Mercedes EQG is a four-door, all-electric sedan that will be available in 2024. Mercedes claims that the EQG will continue to be an incredibly capable all-terrain vehicle while maintaining the G-Class iconic class’s boxy look. The Mercedes-Benz EQG of 2024 is likely to contain four electric motors, one for each wheel, and integrate its batteries within a sturdy, elegant ladder frame.

The EQG’s batteries and electric motors will be brand-new, while the suspension and chassis are likely to be similar to those of the G-class with a gasoline engine. The electric G-Wagen concept has a two-speed transmission, which is one of its special characteristics. Since many electric cars lack a transmission, some consumers might be puzzled by Mercedes’s decision.

Mercedes’ two-speed transmission system may soon become the norm for high-speed EVs. The production car will undoubtedly come standard with 22-inch alloy wheels, but Mercedes may also offer some smaller wheels that are better suited for larger, chunkier off-road tires.

Instead of a spare wheel, there is a box in the back that will keep all of your charging cables nicely arranged. The electric powertrain will boost off-road capabilities by reducing the center of gravity and providing “enormous” towing capability and controllability.

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Mercedes eqg range
Electric G Wagon Image: Carsales

Mercedes EQG Price

Mercedes-Benz is yet to announce the price of the new EQG. The starting price will most likely
occur at $150000. We understand that this price tag will make it too expensive, but it will be
valuable if you compare it to other vehicle configurations in this price range.

To compare, the starting price of the 2022 G-Class SUV is $132,800 ($1,050 destination cost
inclusive), while the starting price of the high-performance 2022 AMG G-Class SUV is $157,500
($1,050 destination fee inclusive).

Mercedes EQG Release Date

The fully electric G-wagen, also known as the EQG, will be available in 2024, according to
Mercedes-Benz Chairman Ola Källenius, who made this announcement during a roundtable
discussion. Accordingly, the real deal will premiere late next year and go on sale in early 2024.
However, according to him, it will be built on a modified version of the present G-Class platform.

This means that it won’t be built on Electric Vehicle Architecture 2 (EVA2), which also serves as
the basis for the EQS and EQE SUVs. The Body-on-frame construction would be used to build
the EQG. The EQG will likely have a grille-less design with a black panel in place of the usual
lighted EQ logo, otherwise, it will resemble a G-Class.

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Mercedes eqg release date
2024 Mercedes Electric G Wagon Image: Carsales

Mercedes EQG Range & Battery

A 107.8 kWh battery pack installed in the SUV’s ladder frame chassis powers the functional
EQG concept. The same battery pack powers the EQS sedan’s 350-mile range on a single
charge. The company claims that the EQG will optionally offer an extended-range battery that
uses silicon anode chemistry in batteries, while the final vehicle may ultimately use a completely
different system.

Therefore, you can expect a range between 350 miles to 500 miles. This new technology allows
for a 20% to 40% boost in energy density and is likely to be ready by the middle of the decade.

Mercedes EQG Power & Performance

The EQG’s specifications are yet unknown, but it is safe to say that the EV model will be more powerful and have more torque than the standard G 550. For comparison, the base G-Wagen produces 416 hp and 450 lb-ft of torque. Although we entirely expect the EQG’s final performance figures to be significantly greater than the AMG G 63 model’s 577 horsepower and 627 lb-ft, we really would not be surprised if they were.

So, we think that with this power the Mercedes EQG(Electric G Wagon) can reach 0-60 mph speed in 5 seconds with a top speed of 120 mph.

Mercedes claims that the EQG is capable of off-roading because it is set up on the same ladder frame chassis as the standard G-Wagen. It has a solid rear axle that Mercedes has rebuilt to fit electric motors and independent suspension up front.

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Mercedes EQG Interior

The Concept EQG has a lockable box put in place of the standard spare wheel housing to hold the charging cable and add some storage space, but we still anticipate the EQG will offer a rear-mounted spare tire in contrast to the Concept. The EQG concept car’s cabin is similar to that of a regular vehicle. However, they are most likely to use the same 56-inch Hyperscreen as that of the EQS SUV.

Mercedes EQG Interior
Mercedes EQG Interior Image: latestcarnews

The new instrument panel and electronics system run in a wave-like pattern across the entire width of the car. The center stack features an attractive display with high-definition graphics that display information such as speed and navigation instructions on its surface. You can control many functions of your vehicle using buttons located on this panel as well—and they will be larger than those on previous models!

The Mercedes EQG interior is a sleek, modern place to be. The dashboard gives the car a more spacious feel than older models in the same price range. It will be capable of seating 5 passengers.

Mercedes EQG Specs

Release Date2024
Range300-500 miles
Max HP557+ hp
Max Torque627+ ib-ft Torque
Top Speed100-120 mph
Charging Time8-9 hours
0-60 mph timeAround 5 seconds
Seating Capacity5
Mercedes EQG Specs

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Mercedes EQG FAQs

How much will the electric G Wagon be?

The Mercedes electric G Wagon price is expected to start from $150,000 in the USA.

What is the top speed of Mercedes EQG?

The Mercedes EQG is expected to go up to 120 mph top speed.

What is the range of Mercedes EQG?

The Mercedes EQG is expected to have a big 100-150kWh battery that can able to provide up to 300-500 miles from a single charge.

Are they making an electric G Wagon?

Yes, Mercedes confirmed that it is making an electric G Wagon which is called as Mercedes Benz EQG.

What is the release date of the Mercedes EQG?

The Mercedes EQG is expected to launch in late 2024.

Mercedes EQG G Wagon Video: Mercedes-Benz

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As you can see, the EQG is coming at a very exciting time for Mercedes-Benz. It’s one of their
most anticipated cars to date and it will be interesting to see if it lives up to expectations when it
hits the roads later this year. If so, then we can expect more electric vehicles from them in the
years ahead!

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