There could be a mid-size RAM electric pickup coming in the future

RAM CEO Mike Koval has given a hint that there will be a mid-size or a smaller ram electric truck that could be possibly made for the European market.

CEO Koval, has shown the concept or the idea of a smaller electric pickup for dealers and he got many positive responses which could lead to making a mid-size electric truck for RAM in the future.

According to Koval full-size electric pickups are best for North America but to expand their electric trucks more into European countries they will prefer smaller or mid-size EV pickups will be best.

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So, we can expect RAM is developing its smaller size electric trucks which could be expected to launch in early 2025 when the RAM 1500 REV company’s first all-electric truck is to launch next year.

If RAM is making a small EV truck then we can expect it will have around 100 kWh battery and 250-300 miles of range but has a lot of power. Because as they have confirmed that theire upcoming RAM 1500 REV is the one of most powerful electric trucks which could be the best in its segment.

So, we can expect the smaller RAM EV Trucks to be also the best in their segment with more power and efficiency.

Overall let us know in the comment below what you think about the smaller RAM 1500 REV or small RAM EV truck.

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