Teslas Luxury high-performance Model S and Model X have entered South Korea

Tesla has introduced its expensive and high-performance Model S and Model X electric cars to the South Korean market.

Tesla first entered the South Korean market back in 2017 with the older version of the Model S luxury sedan. But now it has been officially launched the new Model S and Model X in South Korea, and at some stores these 2 new EVs are available for test drive.

Also, now delivery of these two new models is expected to start by the end of this year which needs a reservation.

Tesla Model S and Model X Price in South Korea

As launching the 2 new models for South Korea Tesla has also revealed the price of these two EVs. Whereas the high-performance version of Model S Plaid is priced at ₩139,490,000 ($106,939) and the high-performance SUV Model X Plaid price starts at ₩153,490,000 ($117,673).

Now the Long range model Model S price starts from ₩124,490,000 ($95,440) and the long-range Model X price starts from ₩137,490,000 ($105,406).

Overall Tesla has now started to launch more versions of its EV models in Asia also, where it has recently introduced these two high-performance models to the European market.

But most of the Tesla EVsalkes are made by its budget Model Y and Model 3 EVs so Tesla has focused on these two models’ sales and production in most of its Gigafactorys.

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