Sony and Honda Revealed theire new Car brand Afeela EV and the first sale of the car will start in 2026

Sony and Honda partnered and announced to build off their own Electric Car last year, And now Sony has officially announced the name of their new EV Brand called Afeela.

At the Las Vegas Consumer Electronic Show Sony and Honda Revealed the concept of theire new upcoming car the Afeela EV. Right now Afeela has only revealed the prototype of theire new EV but the name and other features of the car are not revealed yet.

This new Afeela EV will be set to enter the U.S. market by 2026 and the Pre-Registration of this car will start in 2025.

Afeela EV

From the prototype of the car, we can see it is an Electric Sedan with a futuristic interior and exterior design. For us, the front design of the Afeela EV looks similar to the Lucid Air Pure, which Lucid delivered theire first Lucid Air Pure last week.

The Afeela EV cars will be built in one Honda facility, where the exterior and other driver systems are built by Honda, and the infotainment and software and build by Sony.

sony honda ev
Sony Afeela EV Interior

Also, the company has worked with Unreal Engine by epic games to build the interface and other features which improve the interaction of the car with people. Also, we can expect a gaming console that will be inbuilt into the car which will work as a PS5.

Now the car is built with Sony so we can expect there will be full of electronic features available in the car, Including 45 sensors and cameras inside and outside the car which will help for Autonomous driving.

Yes, this New Afeela EV will have a Level 3 and Level 2 Autonomous driver assistant.

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