Fisker Pear EV price, range, release date & all specs

Fisker’s enthusiastic team has recently revealed the Fisker pear, a second, smaller SUV. While
the fact that the name stands for Personal Electric Automotive Revolution (PEAR) rather than
the delightful, sweet fruit makes us cringe, we nevertheless expect it to be good-looking and
have a good range.

The Pear will be built on a specialized steel platform, which will be less expensive than the
Ocean’s skateboard-like aluminum architecture and be utilized to create two more electric vehicles. According to Fisker, the Pear is “sort of a funky vehicle” and is challenging to classify.
The simplest way to explain it is that it resembles a futuristic miniature spaceship.

In this blog post, we are going to provide you with all the information about this new electric
vehicle from Fisker. Read till the end, so that you don’t miss anything about this new EV. Let’s

Fisker Pear Features

Here are some amazing features of this electric vehicle:

  • The Pear model may travel up to 400 miles on a single charge despite being a smaller vehicle.
  • It just needs 3.6 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour. That’s quite cool.

Fisker Pear Price

For the PEAR, Fisker is presently accepting reservations and pre-orders. In early 2024, you will
probably see the electric PEAR crossover SUV in the offline markets. Talking about the price of
this EV, there is no official confirmation in this regard and also on trim levels.

But, according to some reports, it is expected that the following trim levels will be available with
these starting prices.

Model Price
1. Sports model$30000
2. Ultra model$40000
3. Extreme model$55000
4. One model$55000
Fisker Pear EV Price

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We are clear here that the above price figures are just an estimation, actual figures may vary
from this. With the help of the electronics maker Foxconn, the electric PEAR will be produced in
Ohio. Probably the same plant that makes the Lordstown Endurance EV pickup truck will be

fisker pear ev
Image: Fiskerati

Fisker Pear Range & Battery

The information regarding the electric Pear’s battery options isn’t yet available because it’s still
only a prototype, but it’s likely to share elements with the Fisker Ocean SUV. There are two
battery alternatives for the vehicle, one with a 350-mile range and the other with a 390-mile
“Hyper Range” option.

So, we can expect the Pear will behave similar range battery pack as the Fisker Ocean which is 80kWh. So, Fisker Pear may have a 70-80kWh battery pack.

The Pear’s range could reach 400 miles due to its compact size. Additionally, there is no doubt
that the PEAR will support fast charging.

Fisker Pear Power & Performance

Regarding the electric drivetrain in the 2024 PEAR, Fisker has not yet provided any information.
A different electric motor configuration than the one in the Ocean might be used by the PEAR.
The Ultra, Extreme, and One trim have a dual-motor all-wheel drive system, in comparison to
the Ocean Sport’s single-motor front-wheel drive setup.

With just one electric motor, the Ocean can go from 0 mph to 60 mph in just 6.9 seconds and
produces 275 horsepower (hp). The dual-motor system has a 550 horsepower (hp) output and can accelerate from 0 mph to 60 mph within just 3.6 seconds.

fisker pear ev price
Image: Fiskerati

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Fisker Pear Interior

Personal Electric Automotive Revolution, or “The Pear,” is an expression that stands for a vehicle that aims to win over the hearts and wallets of urban people searching for affordable yet luxurious urban transportation. According to the inside design, Pear’s tall, wraparound windows
will allow these buyers to get a good view of their city from the inside. It’s interesting to see the
curved A-pillar.

Due to their sharply sloped windscreens and startlingly long instrument panel tops, electric
vehicle (EV) windscreens are incredibly small due to aerodynamic needs. It would be unusual to
have an EV with an upright-appearing windscreen on a curt IP. The SolarSky panoramic roof is
another feature that will likely increase the range of this vehicle.

fisker pear interior
Image: Green Car Reports

The Pear might remove the second gauge cluster screen from the Ocean, placing everything on
the main infotainment screen set high above the dash. A lot of ambient lighting is present,
especially on the central tunnel’s forward border that is lowering. Each and everything is
straightforward and bold.

The minimalist dashboard and center console look to have lit surfaces. While the center console
unusually floats down towards the front, the dash has lots of storage space.

Fisker Pear Exterior Design

It seems to have a small bonnet up front with a thin light bar and some sizable air vents further
below. Surprisingly, it seems to have a side aspect that resembles a bubble, rather like a pear.
To give it a more athletic appearance, the wheel arches are likewise extended.

On this prototype car, flush-fitting door handles and virtual door mirrors seem to be standard
features. Although the Pear tends to have a lower body and a grill that is more impressive, they
are sufficiently similar to be comparable. As of now, there is no information available regarding
its battery size, its capacity, electric drivetrain, etc., but it seems to have similar to the Fisker
Ocean SUV,

Based on that, you can expect one with a roughly 350-miles range and the other with a 390-mile
“Hyper Range” option on a single charge. That’s pretty awesome for any small-size car.
Similarly, you can expect a power of 275 horsepower (hp) from this vehicle which easily
accelerates from 0 mph to 60 mph in just 7 seconds. These figures may vary from the actual
ones as they are just a prediction.

You can reserve a Fisker Pear from the below link.

Fisker Pear Specs

Price$30,000 to $55,000
Release Date2024
Battery70-80 kWh
Range400 miles
Horsepower(hp)275-550 hp
Top Speed120 mph
0-60 mph time3.6 seconds
Seating Capacity5
Fisker Pear Specs

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Fisker Pear FAQs

How much does a Fisker Pear cost?

The Fisker Pear price is expected to start from $30,000 for the base model and $55,000 for the top model.

Is Fisker Pear an SUV or a Sedan?

The Fisker Pear EV is an SUV.

What is the range of Fisker Pear?

The Pear EV can go up to 400 miles of range from a single charge.

How fast is the Fisker Pear?

The Fisker Pear Dual-Motor model can produce up to 550 hp which can accelerate from 0-60 mph in 3.6 seconds.

What is the Top Speed of Fisker Pear?

The Fisker Pear is expected to have a top speed of 120 mph.

2024 Fisker Pear EV

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In the end, we can say that a Fisker pear is an excellent option for anyone who wants a long-range vehicle that can generate enough power. That’s all for today! we are hoping that the
above information about the electric pear will be helpful for you.

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