Tesla Cybertruck to have a big Frunk just like Ford F-150 Lightning

A Tesla investor and Tesla EV owner Matthew Donegan-Ryan have twitted that the upcoming Tesla Cybertruck will have drunk which is just like the existing Model X.

As of the tweet he go this Cybertruck information from his one of friends who is a friend of a Tesla employee. But for this tweet another Tesla employee has retweeted and said that the Cybertruck will have a drunk just like the Ford F-150 Lightning electric truck.

Is it true then the Cybertruckfrunk frunk also opens like F-150 Lightning frunk where its front LED light bars also lifted up when the frunk is open? So, the Cybertruck front light bars also lifted up as the frunk opens.

Also to confirm this frunk another tweeter user Greggertruck has shared an image of the Tesla Cybertruck prototype where a Cybertruck seems to be opening up its frunk which looks similar to the way of F-150 Lightning frunk opens.

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So, from all of this information of images, we can confirm that the Cybertruck will have a mega frunk just like the Ford F-150 lightning electric truck.

So, let us know in the comment below what will you think about this MEGA FRUNK of the Cybertruck and will cybertruck launched by the end of this year.

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