The VW I.D BUZZ to get a solar roof for extra energy

A German tuning shop has built an design for the upcoming Volkswagen electric bus or a minivan VW I.D Buzz which has a solar roof that can generate some extra energy.

As this German ABT design, this VW Bus has a solar roof which has a capacity of 600 watts which will sufficiently provide a couple of miles of range. But for more energy, you can get a bigger 1000-watt solar panel which can give you some more energy while driving the EV also.

This VW I.D Buzz is expected to launch in the European market by the end of this year and it is expected to launch in the USA by 2024. But there will be a camper van also available in the VW Bus which will have some more features for the perfect camping experience.

vw electric bus
vw electric bus

Also, you can use the extra energy of solar panels for the camping van appliances like, the oven, and refrigerator which most camper vans have.

This VW electric Bus has a big 77 kWh battery pack that can provide up to 260 miles from a single charge and from this solar panel you can increase its range up to 280 miles.

This VW Electric Bus is expected to be priced around $40,000 in the US which will be released by 2024.

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