Tesla Cybertruck spotted in testing around California roads with no wiper in this model

It seems like the Tesla Cybertruck is right around the corner to start production, where recently according to many videos and photos a Tesla Cybertruck is seen on California roads and looks like testing the prototype model on the roads.

But this time different there is not any wiper seen on the windshield of the Cybertruck as before where we can see a big wiper on the windshield. And it seems like Tesla has removed the big wiper for the Cybertruck and may have any other ideas on making a different wiper or they just removed it for the testing purpose.

But as before Elon Musk responded to this wiper design and said that the wipers are just for the prototype model and the actual model will not have this big wiper.

As he said now in this new video we cannot see the wiper in it so we can expect this could be the nearly completed production model of Cybertruck.

Also, one of the good signs is that Tesla is now actively working on the Cybertruck and testing its prototype which seems like Tesla may be ready to start the production of the cybertruck this summer as they before mentioned.

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Also, this Cybertruck video shared by ‘The Kilowatts’ on Twitter shows that a wiperless Cybertruck seems to roam around California roads. This seems like Tesla has test-driving this Cybertruck and someway in the video we can see the cybertruck is wobbling.

Overall we can expect that Tesla Cybertruck production will be starting this year and the first set of delivery will be expected in early 2024.

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