This UK-based Helixx Startup helps you to start your own EV business know-how

The UK-based startup Heloix has launched its Mini EVs which are made for commercial city usage. These EVs are cost-efficient and can be easily afforded. So, these EVs can replace the existing engine taxis and mini-cargo vehicles with an EV that will be eco-friendly and cost-efficient.

Helixx has four different types of Mini EV models for different purposes like mini passenger and cargo vehicles. Now they are willing to provide franchises to people under the license partnership across the world.

From this franchise, you can be their EV partner where everything like building a factory to selling the EVs to the customers will be guided by the company and they have expert technician teams to teach and train the staff.

Also, according to Helixx, they can set up the franchise factory within 180 days after the licensed partnership.

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Also, from Helixx’s new next-generation 5.0 digital platform they will get all the best materials and required components from local resources which will be cost-efficient and convenient to use and have a stable supply chain for long-term production.

The company claims that it has already successfully established its first hub in the UK and in the upcoming days, it will be expanding its hubs to Singapore, India, South America, etc.

Helixx Mini EV Features

  • 4 different models Cargo, Ride, Truck, and Tuk
  • Caro and truck can carry up to 1102 pounds or 500kg
  • All Mini EVs have a Lithium iron phosphate battery
  • A subscription model for regular maintenance, repair, insurance, etc.

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