Tesla launched the limited edition Tesla Gigabier inspired by the Cybertruck for $96

Tesla has officially launched its new alcohol which is inspired by the Tesla Cybertruck and it will be a limited edition known as Tesla Gigabier which is $32 for a bottle.

Tesla is known for its crazy kinds of stuff and unique things which make people excited once back in they launched their own Tesla tequila which is also a limited edition alcohol and it sold out within a couple of hours just by the launch.

And now Tesla has launched their Tesla Gigabier which tesla announced back when they launched the Tesla Giga Berlin. Now they have launched this beer.

tesla gigabier
Tesla GigaBier

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Also Tesla said that they have launched this Gigabier inspired by Cybertruck and they have partnered with Cyberhops to make this pilsner-style beer. And they have partnered with BrouwUnie to distribute it.

Now you can buy one for yourself for €89 which includes 3 Gigabiers in a pack which is around $96. It means that every single Gigabier is cost around $32.

Also, this package includes 3 330 ml Gigabiers.

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