Which color option will Tesla have for its Cybertruck

From the recent sighting of a Tesla Cybertruck testing around looks like Tesla has almost ready with its production model which could start manufacturing very soon. But what about the colors and which are the different colors we can expect in the upcoming Cybertruck?

Right now most of the time we can see the Tesla Cybertruck where ever Tesla is kept as a show of peace or testing it on the roads we can only see one color on the CYbertruck which is stainless steel or we can say it’s gray or chrome.

But according to the Elon Musk the Tesla Cybertruck can be colored or have any pattern according to the customer’s decision which he replayed to the @brandonbernicky when he asked about the Cybertruck color.

So, when the cybertruck is ready to buy you can have multiple color and pattern options which you can choose for your own Cybertruck.

Also, Tesla listed seven posts for the Cybertruck paint operations in the Gigafactory Texas where they need different engineers and managers for the cybertruck paint job process in the production. This will give another indication for the Cybertruck production will begin soon.

Especially Tesla has launched a World-class paint shop in Germany and introduced new color options for its EVs. So, we can expect Tesla may use this best paint shop to make new colors in the future for its all EVs including Cybertruck.

Recently in the past few years, we can see Tesla is working on color options for its EVs and have multiple color options for this year. But we don’t know if Tesla will have the same color options for its Cybertruck or may include new colors and patterns as Elon Musk’s Twitter.

Overall let us know in the comment below what is your favorite color and which color you should expect to be added to your cybertruck.

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