Tesla Model Y gets up to 20% off now

The Model Y of Tesla is Facing a huge price drop of $20000 including the Tax credit

US and Europe are Facing the crisis of a high fall in the Share market in the past few months this affected the Tesla models, especially Model Y and Model X.

The price drop of the Tesla sedan the Model 3 RWD is $46990 to $43,990. And also, the share of Tesla is decreasing day by day.

Then also we can see a big price drop in model Y which is up to 20% from $65,990 to $52,990.

That means the latest model of the Tesla qualifies I the price of $7500 in US Federal Tax Credit, and the final price Drop is 30% over  $20,500 

For all Other models like Model S and Model X (both Regular and Premium versions), we can see the Price Cuts Off

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Over 7 seter option on the Model Y price  has been Increased from $1,000 to $4,000 while it shows the price to $55,000 and it still qualifies for the Tax Credit and it is considered an SUV

In Germany Model Y and Model 3, we can see a huge price fall of 17% and a huge drop in Austria, Switzerland, and France.

To get Full Tax Benefits of a $7,500 rebate the Customer should order the car in the mid-month of march. The Tax rebate includes SUVs prices below $80,000 and cars under $55,000 now the Model Y will be in both categories Depending on their seats.

Therefore Tesla CEO Elon Musk is not worried about a huge fall in price, the Potential buyer will buy the Car.

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