No compensation for the Protestors in China for Tesla Price drop

Tesla said that there will be no compensation for the protestors who bought the Tesla Cars before the price drop of the EVs.

In the last week of this month, Tesla reduced the price for all models of its Tesla Model 3 and Model Y up to 17%, and now the recent buyers of Tesla Model 3 and Model Y who bought these cars before the price drop have made a protest against Tesla at GigaFactory Shanghai for compensation or for the refund which they paid extra before the price drop.

According to Tesla Protestors Tesla has not given any information about the price drop of these 2 models even though they know the price of these EVs will drop in a couple of days for the recent buyers.

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But recently Tesla messaged the WeChat group of protestors, saying there will be not any compensation for the protestors or any other people who bought the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y before the price drop.

However, even in the middle of so many unhappy Tesla customers, Tesla sales have increased rapidly while the price drop of their 2 models made Tesla EVs more affordable which leads to an increase in sales of Tesla cars these years.

But then these price drop looks good for so many people because it’s now more affordable. Also, it seems unfair to those people who have paid extra for these EVs.

So, what do you think is Tesla has to give compensation for these protesters, or has it made the perfect decision let us know in the comment below.

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