Tesla is now the most valuable automotive brand in the world with a $66.2 billion valuation

The electric vehicle revaluation maker Tesla has now become the most valuable automotive brand in the world with a $66.2 billion valuation surpassing Mercedes Benz and Toyota from the top two positions.

As we know that future is electric and Tesla becomes the first EV brand to start a revolution or shows the world how capable and practical are electric vehicles to use.

And now Tesla has become the most valuable automotive brand according to a recent report released by Finance Brand which values a company valuation on different criteria where Tesla has topped and become not only the most valuable it also becomes the strongest automotive brand in the world in 2023.

Also, according to Finance report, Tesla becomes the most valuable company in the world which doesn’t produce any gas-powered vehicles.

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As Tesla has becomes the most valuable automaker with increased company value but on the other hand, most of the top listed other company’s valuation has been decreasing in the past few months.

Now there is not any doubt that Tesla is the most valuable automotive brand in the world because Tesla has one of the best electric vehicles in the world and the recent several price drops increased the Tesla cars sales rapidly.

Where in many European countries Tesla cars have become the best-selling cars in the entire country whereas a electric car never become the best-selling car in history.

Overall let us know in the comment below what is your thought on Tesla EVs and their future.

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