Polestar to unveil its fastest EV SUV Polestar 4 on April 18

Polestar has confirmed its has all set to launch its upcoming electric SUV Polestar 4 which will be the company’s fastest car.

This upcoming Polestar 4 will be revealed at the Auto Show Shanghai, China on April 18. Right now polestar only teased an image of Polestar 4 but it’s covered under a cloth where we cannot see any much details of the car.

But we can see some little details like its shape and the headlight which looks similar to the Polestar 3. Overall according to the company, it has an aerodynamic design like a coupe with an SUV body which makes this car unique.

Now the specs of this car are unknown and Polestar has to reveal it at the show, But as per Polestar their goal is to make all EVs under $60,000, and from this price range we can expect its specs compared to the similar price there EVs like Tesla Model Y.

polestar 4 suv

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So, we can expect this Polestar 4 can produce around 400-500 horsepower and it could accelerate from 0-62 mph in 4 seconds.

Now Polestar aims to produce around 160,000 V SUVs by the end of 2025 and it has aimed to sell its most of EVs in the united states which is a big market for EVs.

Overall let’s see what new can polestar can offer in its new Polestar 4 SUV. Also, let me know in the comment below what is your thought on this electric SUV.

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