New 2023 Tesla Price Cut is here know the new price of Tesla EVs

Tesla has rolled out its new Price cut for its EVs and it’s the fifth Tesla Price Cut for its EVs since the beginning of 2023. So, let us know the new price of the Tesla Models which may increase the Tesla EV sales as its price drops.

Tesla ModelsPrevious PriceNew PricePrice Cut
Model S Dual Motor AWD$89,990$84,990$5000
Model S Plaid$109,990$104,990$5000
Model X Dual Motor AWD$99,990$94,990$5000
Model X Plaid$109,990$104,990$5000
Model 3 RWD$42,990$41,990$1,000
Model 3 Performance$53,990$52,990$1,000
Model Y AWD$51,990$49,990$2,000
Model Y Long-Range$54,990$52,990$2,000
Model Y Performance$58,990$56,990$2,000
Tesla Price Cut List

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It seems like Tesla has decreased the price of its EVs making them more affordable to buy which leads to the increase of Tesla cars sales as they have increased their EV sales while their previous price cut.

In the first quarter of 2023, Tesla has already delivered 422,875 EVs which makes them the largest automaker from this new price cut its sales can be increases and by the end of the second quarter they can easily sell more EVs than the first Q1.

Now the biggest price cut is seen in the top models of the Tesla EVs the Model S and the Model Y where we can see a $5000 price cut. And Tesla has made this big price cut due to in the first quarter Tesla is able to sell 10,695 of this model out of a total of 422,875 EVs.

So, it seems like Tesla wants to increase the sale of this top of these line high-performance EVs which have less contribution to the total Tesla EV sales.

And Tesla has only reduced $1,000 to $2,000 for their highest-selling EVs Model Y and Model 3 which make sense because these are already their affordable EVs.

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