Walmart EV Charging Station to be installed across America by 2030

American retail giant Walmart has said it aims to install thousands of its own Walmart EV fast-Charging stations across America by 2030 at both Walmart and Sams Club locations.

Right now Walmart has over 1,300 EV fast chargers at its 280 locations, But Walmart has aimed to make its all transportation network zero-emission by 2040 when it definitely needs EV charging infrastructures at its locations.

As of now, Walmart has been looking for a supplier for these EV charging stations to be installed in its place. And it aims to install four chargers for every location.

Also, across America for every 10 miles Walmart has its Walmart and Sams Club where 4,700 Walmarts and 600 sams Club stores for around 90 percent of the US people.

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So, it will be so convenient to have EV charging stations at Walmart where you can shop inside the store where your EV is charging at the same time without taking extra time to find an EV charging station around you.

Where you can do the shopping and charge your EV at the same time. Also, this Walmart EV charging network can give access to fast charging stations to 90 percent of US citizens.

As always let us know your opinion in the comments below and also how often you go to buy some groceries etc from Walmart and if you would like to shop and charge your EV at the same time.

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