These 2 new Kia Soul EVs will have an expanded range & power

Kia has introduced 2 new Kia Soul EV model in Europe which is affordable and has a quite good range that is sufficient for a city drive.

The base model of the Kia Soul EV is called ‘Urban’ which has a small battery with less range and the ‘Explorer’ model has a big battery pack with a long range.

The Kia Soul EV Urban has a 39.2kWh battery which can provide up to 171 miles of range from a single charge and it can produce a power output of 134 horsepower.

kia soul ev
Kia soul ev

And the Kia Soul EV Explore has a 64kWh battery pack with 280 miles of range from a single charge, now this Explore model has 201 horsepower which is more than the urban model.

Now both of these models support fast charging, So, from an 80Kw DC fast charger both of these cars can charge from 0-80% in one hour.

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Now on price, the Urban model price starts from £32,795 in the UK which is around $40,000 and the Explore model price starts from £38,995 in the UK which is around $47,000 in the USA.

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