VW ELECTRIC BUS price, range, colors & all specs

The 2024 VW ID. Buzz will go on sale in the US in 2024. It will be offered at Volkswagen dealerships all around the nation. Information about pre-orders and reservations will be released by Volkswagen later. The ID’s release date for the European market. Later in 2022, Buzz will arrive. additional ID. However, the Buzz Cargo van type won’t be offered in the United States.

The 2024 Volkswagen ID. Buzz aspires to fill a mostly underserved niche as electric vehicles gain popularity each year and there aren’t many roomy EV options for families. The ID. Buzz was inspired by the classic Type 2 Microbus, or VW ELECTRIC BUS, produced by the German manufacturer and pays homage to it in its design.

Due to its popularity among many car enthusiasts and its connection to the counterculture movement of the 1960s, the Volkswagen Bus, also known as the Type 2 Microbus, holds a significant position in the annals of automotive history. With the launch of the first-ever 2024 VW ID, the classic VW Bus is now becoming electric. Buzz.

VW Electric Bus Features

  • Along with its distinctively retro exterior design, it will include a roomy cabin with three rows of adjustable seating.
  • The ID. Buzz’s all-electric drive train will be available in rear- and all-wheel-drive variants, with a predicted 260-mile operating range.
  • According to VW, the vehicle can charge its battery from 5 to 80% when plugged into a DC fast-charger in 30 minutes.

VW Electric Bus Dimensions

Both the short-wheelbase ID and the standard versions.

Buzz measure 185.5 inches in length, 78.1 inches in width, and 117.6 inches in wheelbase. The ID. Buzz Cargo is one millimeter taller than the normal bus due to minor modifications in the chassis, while the height on the regular bus is rated at 76.3 inches. Of course, considering that the US-spec variant will be longer and more potent, all of these specifics will change slightly. As for curb weights, Volkswagen has not yet provided precise statistics, but we anticipate a rating of over two tons.

vw electric bus price
Volkswagen van electric(Image: VW)

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VW Electric Bus Price

The Volkswagen ID. Buzz’s price and available trim levels haven’t been disclosed by VW. But based on EV
market prices right now, it’s anticipated to start at roughly $40,000.

VW Electric Bus Range & Battery

Regarding the battery pack for the ID. Buzz, especially the one that will be used in American variants, VW hasn’t provided much information. The manufacturer claims that the battery will be larger than the 77-kWh pack that will power the next European model. The Volkswagen ID in America. At least 260 miles of range are anticipated for Buzz on a single charge. According to VW, those who plug into a DC fast charger can recharge from 5 to 80 percent in as little as 30 minutes.

Although official range predictions have not yet been made, we anticipate this 77-kWh vehicle to have a range of about 250 miles. Naturally, given we’re getting a longer car with more power, we’ll want more, but this grade isn’t too bad as is. When the battery inevitably runs out, you may charge the car with up to 170 kW via a DC fast-charging connection and a CCS plug socket, or you can use up to 11 kW of alternating current. The battery may be recharged from 5-80% with the fast-charging method in as little as 30 minutes.

VW ELECTRIC BUS automatic charging will eventually be a feature of Plug & Charge, as seen in the Porsche Taycan. This capability will be added via an over-the-air (OTA) software update. Bi-directional charging will also be available for European vehicles, enabling Call of Duty gaming while you’re out camping. Just remember not to let the youngsters play all night or you might have trouble getting home.

The battery pack is in the American-spec ID. Buzz will be bigger than the 77-kWh pack in the European-spec vehicle, according to Volkswagen. The ID. Buzz’s estimated driving range is at least 260 miles, according to Car & Driver. Volkswagen states that when connected to a DC fast charger, the ID. Buzz “will be able to charge from 5 to 80 percent in as little as 30 minutes.”

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VW Electric Bus Power and Performance

The Volkswagen Modular Electric Drive (MEB) architecture, which also underpins business cars like the Audi e-Tron crossover and the VW ID.4 crossover, will be used to construct the ID. Buzz. In Europe, the Volkswagen ID. Buzz will be offered in both commercial and passenger models; however, in America, only the long-wheelbase passenger version will be offered. The VW ELECTRIC BUS base model will be powered by a single rear-mounted electric motor that has 201 horsepower and 229 pound-feet of torque. Eventually, a dual-motor, all-wheel-drive option with about 295 horsepower will be added to the lineup, comparable to the current ID.4.

With this power, the VW electric van will accelerate from 0-60 mph in around 9 seconds with a top speed of up to 90-100 mph.

Volkswagen’s Modular Electric Drive (MEB) platform, also used by the VW ID.4 crossover SUV, is featured in the 2024 VW ID. Buzz. Customers who purchase the ID. Buzz has an option between two electric motor setups. A dual-motor all-wheel drive variant makes 295 hp, while the single-motor rear-wheel drive model makes 201 hp.

VW Electric Bus Interior & Exterior

Now on the interior, It looks premium and has so many features, adjustable load floor, a 10″ or 12″ infotainment system, and a 10″ or 12″ Digital Cockpit display are notable interior features. Also, we can see many buttons on the driver’s side which may use to control all features of the VW Van.

VW Electric Bus Interior
VW Electric Bus Interior(Image: VW)

The 2024 VW ID. Buzz combines traditional stylistic cues from vintage VW Bus models with contemporary design components. Uniquely designed headlamps, a thin lateral bar between the headlights, and small body overhangs are notable exterior elements. The ID. Buzz has horizontally positioned LED taillights at the back that are joined by a full-width light strip. There will be single-tone and two-tone color variations of VW ELECTRIC BUS available.

The ID. Buzz’s cabin is enormous and has enough room for both people and cargo. The ID. Buzz cabin offers a lot of configuration options as well. A dual-zone temperature control system, ambient lighting,

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VW ID Buzz color options

There are many color options in the VW Electric Van which give you many exterior colors of your choice.

Options for VW ID. Buzz single-tone colors:

  • Mono Silver
  • Lime Yellow
  • Candy White
  • Energy Blue
  • Starlight Orange
  • Green Bay Leaf
  • Dark Black

Options for VW ID. Buzz’s two-tone colors:

  • Candy white/lemon yellow
  • Bay Leaf Green/Candy White
  • Starlight Blue/Candy White
  • Energetic Orange/Candy White
vw electric bus specs
new VW bus(Image: VW)

VW Electric Bus Specs

Release Date2024
Battery77 kWh
Charging TimeWith a 170kW charger 5-80% in 30 min
Range260 miles
Horsepower201 hp
Torque229 lb-ft of torque
Top Speed90-100 mph
0-60 mph9 seconds
Seating Capacity8
VW Electric Bus Specs

FAQs of VW Electric Bus

Will the VW buzz be available in the US?

Yes, The VW buzz will be available in the US by 2024.

How much is the VW bus electric?

The upcoming VW electric bus price is expected to start from $40,000.

How fast is the VW Electric Bus?

The VW Electric Bus is expected to reach up to a top speed of 90-100 mph.

What is the range of the 2024 VW id buzz?

The VW id buzz can go up to 260 miles from a single charge.

Volkswagen electric bus (video: Edmunds Cars)


The VW ELECTRIC BUS incorporates cutting-edge technology and features while maintaining the iconic shape of the first Microbus. The relatively huge VW logo on the front is reminiscent of the first Microbus. Aside from that, the design is contemporary overall, with LED headlights, electronically sliding back doors, and a cabin packed with features. Hence is a one-stop solution for a family outing.

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