Moke electric car price, range, top speed & all specs

A compact, electric vehicle with a golf cart-like exterior is known as an electric moke automobile( Moke electric car). These automobiles are frequently seen in gated communities and retirement communities where short-distance driving is the norm. Electric motorcycles are an appealing alternative to gas-powered vehicles since they are silent and emit no pollution.

If you’re looking for a convenient, pleasant, and eco-friendly mode of transportation, the Electric Moka is a great option. With a top speed of 25 miles per hour, the Moka can be utilized for relaxing vacation rides or short journeys around the neighborhood. The Moka’s 40-mile range on a full charge should be adequate for the majority of journeys. By leaving the MOK plugged into an outlet all night, it can be charged. So whether you’re looking for a cheap way to get around town or a means to go around in a more fun way, the Electric Moka is a great option.

You can take your time in a MOKE and savor the path of life. The Electric MOKE was created for the world’s most picturesque locations, and its eco-friendly, hushed drivetrain makes it the perfect travel partner.

Moke Electric Car Features

You can upgrade your Moke by adding premium features after selecting color choices. These extra features consist of:

  • Electric only: No Emissions, Eco-Friendly!
  • Gradeability is a maximum of 60%
  • Audio via Bluetooth
  • Darkened Rims
  • Rooftops in a Range of Designs and Colors
  • Rear bench seating or white seats
  • Wheel made of wood

Moke Electric Car Dimensions

  • 131 inches in length
  • size 65 inches in width
  • Height 61 inches Front Wheel Tread 59 inches Wheel Base 89 inches
  • 50-inch rear wheel tread
  • Weight when empty 1050 kg
  • 4-seater Max. Baggage Capacity, 25L
mok e car
Mok e car(Mokeamerica)

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Moke Electric Car Price

The Launched Edition of the electric MOKE can be purchased at the cost of £34,980 (which is approximately US $41,920).

Moke Electric Car Range & Battery

The Moke EV car has an AGM-type 12 kWh battery which is able to provide up to 40 miles of range from a single charge. Which is good enough for normal city usage and to reach less distance. So, this Moke car will be good enough for people who drive nearby places of their house on regular bases.

Also, this Moke Electric car will take up to 6 to 8 hours to fully charge.

The glasses, seat belts, tires, and batteries are among the major Mok e car components that are produced in the United States. Ten batteries are created in America. The product is put together in the United States. Moke America has them there on the shelf if you experience any issues with the batteries.

moke electric car price
Electric Moke(Mokeamerica)

Moke Electric car Power & Performance

The Mok e car is an entry-level electric vehicle that produces less power. To go any distance in poor weather, the cabin must have a flimsy canvass hood that is reinforced by matching, clip-on door screens. Despite the vehicle’s modest weight of 2,500 pounds, a 33 kW motor with 44.6-hp and 70 lb-ft (95 Nm) of torque powers the rear wheels, enabling it to reach a high speed of 25 mph and 0 to 25 mph in 4.5 seconds. Although the Moke’s battery size is unknown, its developer claims that the vehicle’s 89-mile range is sufficient for five trips between Cap-Ferrat and Monaco. It takes four hours to charge a Type 2 port.

The most recent model includes a 1.1-liter four-cylinder engine with 66 horsepower, power steering, an automatic transmission, revised suspension, and significantly better brakes. It is constructed on a chassis from the late 1950s. In spite of this, operating this car is a unique experience—one that some would even find intimidating.

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Moke Electric Car Interior & Exterior

The Moke EV’s Exterior And Interior Have A Nostalgic Compact Design.

The driver’s seat goes forward and backward and the steering wheel is angled like a bus, allowing for an arms-out driving stance. The high-back seats are constructed of durable plastic. For passengers traveling shotgun, the cage piece that connects the top of the windshield header to the primary roll hoop in the middle of the cabin serves as a natural grasp hold. There are no doors, so getting in and out is as simple as hopping on the wide sill, which also acts as a step plate.

Moke Electric Car Interior
Moke Electric Car Interior(Mokeamerica)

The Moke EV Has A Retro Compact Exterior And Interior Design.

To enable an arms-out driving position, the driver’s seat may be moved forward and backward, and the steering wheel is inclined like a bus. The sturdy plastic is used to build the high-back seats. The cage component that joins the top of the windshield header to the main roll hoop in the center of the cabin acts as a natural grasp hold for passengers riding shotgun. Getting in and out is as easy as hopping on the large sill, which also serves as a step plate, as there are no doors.

Overall, the Moke’s Jeep-like (or is it Moke-like?) style and candy-colored hues make it look much more enjoyable than a standard golf cart dressed up for resort duty. Large circular headlights, exposed side latches, a spare tire situated on the back, and exposed bonnet hinges are just a few of its stunning outward elements.

Moke Electric Car Specs

Motor33 kW
Battery12 kWh
Range40 miles
Charging Time6 to 8 hours
Horsepower44.6 hp
Torque70 lb-ft (95 Nm) of torque
Top Speed25 mph
0-34 mph4.5 seconds
Seating Capacity4
Weight2,500 pounds
Moke Electric Car Specs

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Moke Electric Car Reviews

A tiny 33kw electric motor is powering the tiny, skeletal micro, and the performance suffers as a result. The electric motorcycle order books are now available. You can take your time on a motorcycle and savor the ride. A tiny 33kw electric motor is powering the tiny, skeletal micro, and the performance suffers as a result.

The moke has evolved from a British emblem to a Caribbean image, representing fun in the sun. 2,800 pounds is the GVWR. You’re in for a vacation and an adventure! For Moke America, we are currently building and selling electric smokes.

FAQs of Moke Electric Car

How much does electric moke cost?

The electric moke cost will start from $41920.

How fast does an electric moke go?

The electric moke can go up to a top speed of 25 mph and can accelerate from 0-25 mph in 4.5 seconds.

What is the range of Moke Electric Car?

The Moke Electric Car can go up to 40 miles with a single charge.

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