VW unveiled its next-generation motor which can produce more powerful

VW has recently released its new rear-drive electric motor which will be more powerful and power efficient and will be installed in the upcoming VW ID. EVs.

This new VW motor will be used in all upcoming VW electric vehicles. Where it will be first used in its upcoming VW ID.7 which is going to launch on April 17 in China.

This APP550 electric motor will produce around 281 horsepower and 405 pound-feet of torque which is varied between different gearbox ratios.

Right now this new electric motor will produce more power than the previous VWs rear drive motor which produces around 201 horsepower and a maximum of 310 Nm of torque. So, this new motor is more powerful and can provide an extra range.

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Also, you can see that this New electric motor has more torque than its previous motor so this new motor-equipped EV can have more acceleration and can reach 0-60 quicker compared to other VW EVs.

Also, this motor has a cooling system which is operated electric oil pump which helps to cool down the temperature of the motor. And this heated oil is cooled by the vehicle’s coolant circuit.

Overall electric motor technology is improving day by day which makes the upcoming electric vehicles more powerful and power efficient.

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