2024 Toyota Tacoma EV price, range, concept & all specs

Toyota has long been famous for its hybrid vehicles, ranging from the iconic Prius to the RAV4
Hybrid. Despite this, Toyota has yet to market an all-electric vehicle in the U.S. Toyota is finally
ready to bring its first-ever full-electric pickup truck stateside Toyota Tacoma EV!

Let’s take a closer look at this exciting new model so you know everything before buying one for
yourself or a sweet one. As a result, keep reading the article to the end to avoid missing any
information about this upcoming incredible EV.

Toyota Tacoma EV Concept

The Tacoma EV concept is a preview of what you can expect from the production version. It
carries over most of its mechanicals and styling but adds a few unique touches to make it stand
out from other electric vehicles on the market. Toyota published concept images for an entirely
electric pickup truck that would be available in the future.

In terms of style, it most resembles a Tacoma, but it is larger than the typical mid-sized pickup.
This specific electric pickup truck rides at a height that is consistent with the Tacoma line and
has a crew-cab design. Under the hood, we’re likely to find a front trunk (frunk) instead of the
typical engine, as seen in other EV models.

The headlights are extremely similar to those on the 2022 Tundra. This electric concept truck
will be a preview of the Toyota Tacoma’s updated version.

Toyota Tacoma EV Specs

Release Date2024
BatteryAround 100kWh
Range200-300 miles
Max Power389 hp
Seating Capacity5
Toyota Tacoma EV Specs

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toyota tacoma ev range
2024 Toyota Tacoma EV Image: motortrend

Toyota Tacoma EV Price

The Tacoma EV is likely to only be available in crew cab, four-door configuration. There has
been no official declaration regarding the starting price of this specific EV. However, the
launching price for this Electric truck is likely to be around $50000.

This price is reasonable despite the prices of several other EV trucks. Although Tacoma Ev is
still a secret, the truck may have made its debut at a recent automaker event. However, it will
provide a decent driving range on a full charge, a lot of towing capability, and a variety of
options. While supporting the “go green” movement, the electric Tacoma is likely to provide
good performance.

Toyota Tacoma EV Release Date

The latest electric Tacoma will be a part of the Toyota lineup for the upcoming generation of
vehicles. Intending to have 30 EVs on the market by 2030, Toyota’s EV offerings step up in the
2024 lineup are key initial steps toward that goal.

The Tacoma will be their first truck that is all-electric, coming in 2024. The Tacoma Ev will be
styled similarly to the Toyota Tundra 2022, but with additional powertrain-specific elements
geared at optimizing the truck’s aerodynamics, such as a closed-off grille and unique wheels, as
well as EV-related menus within its central infotainment and digital gauge cluster displays.

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toyota tacoma hybrid
Toyota Tacoma Hybrid Image: motortrend

Toyota Tacoma EV Range & Battery

This Toyota truck is likely to have ranges of more than 200 miles, and towing capacities that are
equivalent to or greater than those of comparable gas-powered cars. As a counter-example, the
Silverado EV will provide up to 400 miles of range on a full charge, compared to the F-150
anticipated range of 320 miles. Toyota may have to enhance its technologies to
satisfy customer expectations to compete.

Toyota hasn’t provided the details regarding the battery size and its charging. Even though
there is currently no information on how quickly it will charge or how far it will travel between
charges. Therefore, you have to wait till next year to know the details which aren’t available for

Toyota Tacoma EV Horsepower & Performance

The new modular global body-on-frame structure from Toyota, known as the TNGA-F platform,
that’s what powers the 2024 Tacoma EV. The new platform enables a dizzying array of
powertrain options, body designs, and suspension options. It is shared with not only 2022
Tundra but also the new Lexus LX, international Land Cruiser, Hilux, and next-generation

Since the details regarding power & performance aren’t available, we predict Toyota will provide
the 2024 Tacoma with a detuned version of the hybridized 389-hp 3.4-liter twin-turbo V-6 from
the Tundra, as well as a 275-hp 2.4-liter turbocharged I-4 from the Lexus NX350. Rear-wheel
drive and four-wheel drive will be available, and there will probably be a six-speed manual and a
10-speed automatic transmission as transmission choices available.

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Toyota Tacoma EV Interior

It is reasonable to assume that the truck’s interior and exterior will resemble those of the
upcoming Toyota Tacoma. According to the majority of experts, only crew cab, four-door
models will be available. To differentiate the new Tacoma EV from the rest of its lineup, Toyota
will add showy stylistic elements like a closed-off grille and distinctive wheels, as well as EV-
specific displays to its main infotainment system and digital gauge cluster.

Compared to the current model, the interior of the 2024 Toyota Tacoma EV will be substantially
roomier. We are aware that the maker will provide more headroom and legroom, especially in
the back. This electric vehicle will have seating for four or five people. However, the seating
arrangement continues to stay the same.

toyota tacoma ev interior
Toyota Tacoma Interior Image: gearpatrol

The Tacoma EV will rival the upcoming GMC Sierra EV and offer a luxurious interior. The
infotainment system in this electric car will probably be more advanced than the 8-inch model
currently available. Three USB ports, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto compatibility, Wi-Fi, Amazon
Alexa support, Bluetooth, satellite radio, and other features tend to be available as standard.

To make sure the new vehicle is as comfy, secure, and practical as possible, the company
spent a lot of time and money researching and developing the electric version of the Tacoma.

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Toyota Tacoma EV FAQs

How much will the Toyota Tacoma EV cost?

The upcoming Toyota Tacoma EV price is expected to start from $50,000.

Is Toyota making an electric Tacoma?

Yes, Toyota is planning to launch the electric version of the Toyota Tacoma known as the Toyota Tacoma EV.

Will there be a hybrid or electric Tacoma?

The upcoming next-gen Toyota Tacoma EV is expected to be a Hybrid.

When will Toyota Tacoma EV release?

The Toyota Tacoma EV is expected to launch in late 2024.

What is the range of the Toyota Tacoma EV?

The Toyota Tacoma EV is expected to have more than 200 miles of range from a single charge.

2024 Toyota Tacoma EV Video credit: TOYOTA TV REVIEWS

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The Toyota Tacoma EV is a great vehicle for people who want to get into the world of pickup
trucks. It’s an affordable option that also comes with plenty of features and equipment to make
your life easier. The brand claims specific tires and performance attributes, so it will be perfect
for off-road driving.

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