BMW I7 M70 price, release date, range & all specs

BMW has unveiled the updated 7 Series lineup. A new flagship known as the i7 M70 xDrive in the fully electric market will ultimately be launched. The BMW i7 m70 is a sedan with a high-performance look and feel.

It has some cool tech and much more which surely turns heads on the road. In this blog post, we will be going over some of the essential things about this vehicle including details about its design and features, performance stats, range, and some other interesting information about it. Here we go:

BMW i7 m70 Features

An LED ring is present on the recognizable double kidney grille. The alloy wheels, sills, and bumpers of the electric vehicle all have blue accents to help identify it as such. There is a two-axle adaptive air suspension, rear-wheel steering, and an increased wheelbase of 3,215mm over the preceding 7 series.

The taillights are unique. You can choose between a variety of alloy wheels that range in size from 19 to 21 inches and include new aerodynamic designs. Its handles are flush with the car’s body. Level 3 autonomous driving is a standard feature of the BMW i7 xDrive 60 that, depending on the conditions of the road, may let you briefly remove your hands from the wheel.

BMW may separate the M70 from the M Sport version from the outside by adding even more aggressive front and back bumpers. Additionally, BMW may add tiny plastic flares to conceal what we predict to be bigger wheels, even though it won’t flare the fenders. Side skirts may also have a more aggressive look.

It has some sort of hybrid system and 8-speed automatic transmission. The i7 comes with adaptive self-leveling air suspension as standard. It also has a good amount of driver-aid technologies, like a brand-new adaptive cruise control system.

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bmw i7 m70 price
2023 BMW i7 m70 Image: bmwblog

BMW i7 m70 Price

BMW hasn’t specified its price. However, you can estimate that it will be equal to a Mercedes S-Class in terms of starting price. Accordingly, we predict that it will cost you roughly $105,100.

The i7 M70 is a great example of the brand’s commitment to offering consumers a range of vehicles that are both technologically advanced and beautiful. With its muscular proportions and striking exterior design, this car will turn heads as you cruise down the street in style.

BMW i7 m70 Release Date

Many potential customers have a question about when it will be available in the offline market or available for a test drive. The answer is, it will hit the markets in the early stage of 2023. It will be the first fully – electric BMW M vehicle, and it will likely be there in the event of the company’s 50th anniversary.

BMW i7 m70 Range & Battery

The EPA hasn’t yet provided an official number, but according to BMW, the i7 should have a driving range of about 300 miles per charge. The car’s massive 101.7-kWh battery pack can be connected to DC fast chargers, which are capable to provide 80 miles of driving range in just 10 minutes.

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bmw i7 m70 range
BMW i7 m70 xDrive Image: bmwblog

BMW i7 m70 Power & Performance

With dual electric motors—one powering each axle—producing a total of 536 hp with around 600 lb-ft of torque, the i7’s electric drivetrain is identical to that of the company’s new EV SUV, the iX. Acceleration is quick for such a huge vehicle, and all-wheel drive is standard.

According to BMW, it will take the i7 xDrive60 4.5 seconds to reach 0 to 60 mph. Maybe an even greater speed wouldn’t surprise us. The all-new i7 is not for customers searching for a sporty sedan, but for those who desire a comfy and luxurious ride and will find a lot to enjoy.

BMW i7 m70 Interior

The inside is as luxurious as it comes. You are welcomed with automatically opening doors that will kindly lock themselves behind your back before you even get it. Cashmere wool or Merino leather are possible choices for the seats.

Both the panel and the underneath of the instrument panel as well as the armrests and panel are warmed. Around the cabin, there are numerous displays. The 12.3-inch instrument cluster screen and the 14.9-inch central infotainment screen are available for the driver, who also has the option of an eSIM and a curved widescreen infotainment display with inbuilt 5G.

BMW i7 m70 Interior
BMW i7 m70 Interior Image:Evo

In addition to supporting YouTube streaming, this center display has several display modes, including Expressive, Relax, Theatre, and Digital. A smartly integrated touch Bar in the dash, along with hidden vents, blends the interior ambient lighting effect with digital air conditioning functions.

The glass sunroof in the Sky Lounge contains LED light threads that can be set to show various accents. The rear door handles have 5.5-inch touch screens built into them, which you can use to operate the interior’s many features, such as the rear passenger seat’s automatic recline.

The Theatre Screen, which unfolds automatically with a sunroof cover to improve vision, is the center of attraction of the i7’s back cabin. You can watch movies on the road thanks to the Amazon Fire TV that is built inside the 31-inch 32:9 widescreen display, which offers 8K quality. The 36-speaker Bowers & Wilkins stereo system is an excellent choice for the Theatre Screen.

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BMW i7 m70 Specs

Release Date2023
Battery101.7 kWh
Range300 miles
Horsepower536 hp
Torque600 lb-ft of torque
0-60 mph4.5 seconds
Charging Time80 miles driving range in 10 minutes
Seating Capacity5
BMW i7 m70 specs

BMW i7 m70 FAQs

How much will the BMW i7 m70 cost?

The upcoming 2023 BMW i7 m70 is expected to price around $105,100.

What is the range of the BMW i7 m70?

The BMW i7 m70 is expected to have a big 101.7 kWh battery with around 300 miles of range from a single charge.

How fast is the BMW i7 m70?

The BMW i7 m70 can produce around 500-600 hp which makes the i7 the fastest car in the segment, which can accelerate 0-60 mph in less than 4.5 seconds with around 150 mph top speed.

Is the BMW i7 fully electric?

Yes, the upcoming BMW i7 will be a fully electric car.

What is the release date of the BMW i7 m70?

The BMW i7 m70 is expected to launch by mid-2023.

BMW i7 Video: BMW

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The BMW i7 m70 is a fantastic piece of machine that has everything you could ever ask for in an electric vehicle. It’s not the sports sedan specifically, but it does offer the best range per charge and a comfortable ride. If comfort is your main concern when buying an EV then this one should be at the top of your list!

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