Segway GT2 price, top speed, range & all specs

As the holiday season is approaching, everyone is busy shopping. If you are a parent, you must also look for some precious and beautiful gifts for your children for this festive season. But at the same time, you want to give something meaningful and valuable to your child.

Today in the world of digitalization, children are more inclined towards play stations and smartphones which severely impact their physical and mental health. Therefore, it is essential to curtail their screen time and ensure they spend sufficient time playing outside. Gifting an electric scooter to your child can be a great idea. It enhances their balance and coordination and sharpens their motor skills.

One such electric scooter that you can gift your child is Segway GT2. Let’s know what makes this scooter best for your child.

What the Segway GT2 brings to the electric revolution

Segway GT2 is a futuristic scooter designed and developed by Segway. It offers a proper combination of speed and performance. Segway has implemented a series of innovations to make this electric scooter a dream scooter for children and adults.

It is the top model scooter with many features, making it perfect for laser and commuting purposes. Riding this scooter makes you feel like you are riding any premium segment bike or car. All parts come together flawlessly to make your ride comfortable and smooth.

If you are adventurous, then you can take this scooter with you on your adventurous trip, thanks to its dual technology suspension and torquey motors. One feature that attracts the purchaser is its self-healing tires and powerful dual disc brakes, which are essential for the safety of your loved ones.

Talking about its top speed, it can achieve a maximum of 41 Mph, which may disappoint adults but is perfect for children. The battery can support a ride of 32 miles without charging, which is long enough for daily commutation. Let’s learn more about the features of this incredible super scooter in detail.

“Smooth ride or sporty ride: everything is possible!”

Key Features and Specifications

Power and Performance: When it comes to performance, it is a beast. The electric motors that provide power to this magnificent scooter can carry a rider up to 331 lbs which is a very decent number. The company claims that the scooter can achieve 0-30 Mph in less than 4 seconds which is much better than its competitors.

Range and Battery: The Segway GT2 scooter is powered by a 52-volt battery with having 1512 WH capacity. The scooter has an exclusive cooling system to dissipate battery heat and ensure high performance. It takes 8 hours for the battery to be completely charged. It comes with the standard charger, the fast one, and the dual charger. If you are looking for a more extended life span battery, then you must prefer a dual charger over a high-speed charger.

segway gt2 price
Segway GT2 Scooter Image: Segway

Suspension: To make your ride comfortable and smooth on all terrain, the GT2 uses an ultra-model suspension system. The front end has a double-wishbone suspension, while the rear wheels come with trailing arms suspension. It got an adjustable dumper to adapt quickly according to the riding conditions. To make your ride more intact and safe even on the slippery road, the design team at Segway implemented the STDC system.

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Tires: These special low-maintenance tires have the property to self-heal themself, which means your ride never gets affected by flat tires. These pneumatic tires come with a layer of jelly that lowers the chances of a puncture. The 92 mm wide tires are perfect and durable for any surface ride.

Design: Design-wise, it is the best scooter you can buy for your child. Everything is very neatly placed and within reach of the rider. This segway GT2 scooter comes with a next-generation display transparent PM OLED. This special display is unique because a rider can read all the information in bright sunlight. The display dashboard has all the necessary features to make your smooth and seamless. It got a battery percentage and remaining range countdown. There are different modes that you can select depending upon the percentage of battery left.

Build: The scooter has an upgraded sturdy frame, making it perfect for all types of terrain. Its aviation-grade aluminum alloy grade is just perfect for supporting a payload of 330 lbs. To offer better control to its rider, the scooter bought a low center of gravity and a more expansive riding deck.

Brakes: This segway GT2 scooter has an incredible braking system which is very difficult to find in an electric scooter.

Different Modes: There are five different riding modes that any rider can select these modes can be selected with the help of the knob provided on the handles. The six modes are Park mode and eco mode with a speed limit of 24.9 Mph is perfect when you want your battery to stay alive for longer. Race Mode has a maximum speed limit of 43.5 Mph, which is ideal for someone thrilled by speed.

The other two modes are boost mode and walk mode; the boost mode allows you to explore maximum escalation, while the walk mode is useful when the battery is dying, and you still need to cover a large distance. This mode has a maximum speed of 3.7 Mph.

“The Segway GT2 will offer you the best all-terrain experience.”

segway gt2 review
Segway GT2 Display

Segway GT2 Price

You can get this segway GT2 scooter on various online platforms at different prices. However, it is listed on the official store at $3999.99. If you are a first-time purchaser, you can get $20 off through the discount coupon on the website. By entering your email address, you will get the voucher.

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Segway GT2 Specs

Battey52-volt battery
Range32 miles
ModesFive modes
Top Speed43.5 mph
0-30 mphless than 4 seconds
Charging Time8 hours
Weight Capacity331 lbs
Segway GT2 Specs

Segway GT2 FAQs

How much will the Segway GT2 cost?

The Segway GT2 super scooter price starts from $3999.99.

How fast is the Segway GT2?

The Segway GT2 is one of the fastest electric scooters which can reach up to 43 mph top speed.

What is the range of the Segway GT2?

The segway GT2 has a 52-volt battery that can drive up to 32 miles on a single charge.

Where to buy Segway GT2?

You can buy a Segway GT2 scooter from their official website Segway.

Segway GT2 Super Scooter Video: Electric Revolution

Conclusion – Review of Segway GT2

If you are looking for a unique gift that provides a lot of fun to your child, then there is nothing better than gifting this segway GT2 scooter. We are pretty sure that your child will be impressed by this great scooter.

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