BYD EVs sales increased rapidly which will be takeover the EV king Tesla

The chines biggest EV manufacturer BYD has released the sales reports of electric cars for March 2023 where its sales have increased rapidly compared to the last year. Which seems like it has just behind to surpass the global EV king Tesla.

According to the BYDs report the company has sold almost double the EVs as compared to 2022 March, Where in 2022 they sold around 50,000 EVs whereas in 2023 March they sold 102,670 EVs which is double compared to last year.

This report shows the popularity and adoption of EVs across the world and many other EV brands also successfully selling EVs across the world and holding their own market cap. Also a recent report shows that for the first time in Sweden’s history an EV becomes the best-selling car and best selling car is the Tesla Model 3.

Now in the BYD car sales, the total vehicles sold by the BYD is split equally between Hybrid vehicles and all-electric vehicles by 50% each. But in the future with more and more EV adoption all-electric cars will easily surpass Hybrid cars in terms of sales.

As BYD EV sales increase Tesla also released its EV production report for March 2023 which is 440,808 globally and recently it has also reached its 5000 EVs per week mile stone in Giga Berlin in just one year.

This shows that its difficult to beat Tesla in terms of production due to its advanced Gigafactory which has the capability of mass production of EVs.

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