Polish New EV startup Izera to launch its first 2 EV models in 2025 which could be a Tesla Model Y Rival

A new Poland-based EV startup called ‘Izera’ is set to launch its first two EV models in 2025 which could be a Tesla Model Y rival in terms of its range and power.

For 2025 first set Izerta will launch its all-electric crossover and a hatchback which will be the country’s first own build EVs to launch. Now the two models are named Z100 and T100 where the Z100 is the all-electric crossover and the T100 is the all-electric hatchback.

Now both these Izera EV models are expected to have a range which is around 273 miles per charge. And both of these EVs are quick in terms of performance where the Z100 can accelerate from 0-62 mph (0-100 km) in 7 seconds.

  • izera t100
  • izera z100

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And the T100 crossover also has the same power and can accelerate from 0-62 mph in 7 seconds. Now the design and style of Izera EVs are made by Pininfarina, which is a car designer company located in cambiano, Italy.

Also, due to it being the first EV startup in the country of Poland so the polish government also supports this company in every possible way to encourage and build more EV startups across the country.

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