Australian Engineer made Worlds fastest Electric Skateboard with a top speed of 82.25 mph

An Australian Mechanical Engineer who made his own powerful Electric skateboard which now officially become the world’s fastest Electric Skateboard with a top speed of 82.25 mph(132 km/h).

This high-performance electric skateboard is made by an Australian mechanical engineer ‘Raine Kent’, who designed this entire skateboard including his own developed motor which ends up making a new Guinness speed record.

Now Raine kent is the official world record holder to make the fastest electric skateboard beating the previous world record speed of 59 mph(95 km/h).

Now, this 82.25 mph speed for an electric skateboard is too dangerous to ride and control while at this speed. So, while testing this skateboard Kent has taken all safety kits like helmets and crash suits which will keep him safe if any accident happens, thankfully there is nothing bad happened.

As we mentioned before kent designed this board including its motor which is a high-performance electric motor in a skateboard so kent has patented it for his company.

Yes, kent has his own business called Raith which manufactures high-performance electric skateboards. And from his website, you can buy these Skateboards.

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Raith Vengeance 4WD

Right now they sell 2 Electric skateboards Raith Midnight 2WD and Raith Vengeance 4WD. Where the Raith Vengeance is the record-breaking skateboard.

The price of this world’s fastest skateboard Raith Vengeance 4WD starts from $3,499 and the Midnight 2WD price starts from $2,299.

Raith Vengeance 4WD Specs

The Raith Vengeance 4WD has a 370Wh battery which provides up to 21.7 miles of range from a charge and this battery will take 2.5 hours to charge.

Now the secret behind the speed of this skateboard is Kent’s custom build Quad 2400W-rated 5060 custom sensorless brushless motor.

This skateboard weighs 26.45 pounds with a maximum weight limit of 265 pounds.

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