Ford paused the F-150 Lightning electric truck production due to a battery issue

Ford has currently stopped the production of its All-electric truck Ford F-150 lightning electric truck due to a battery problem.

According to the company, this production stop will be till February 24 or more until the problem is solved. The company spokesperson Emma Bergg has confirmed that they have issued a problem with the battery of the F-150 lightning while pre-delivery quality inspection.

According to Ford right now there is not any real-world problem found in the already delivered trucks. But in the future, they may recall this delivered F-150 lightning if they have found any major issues with it.

So, right now Ford has temporarily stopped the production of the Lightning EV and also it stopped the delivery of trucks that are ready to transfer to the dealership. But they will not stop the delivery of trucks that are already in the dealerships.

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Right now Ford engineers are working to fix the problem with the battery and they will not start the production of the Lightning electric truck until the problem is solved.

Also, ford has not disclosed the specific details of the battery problem and how much time it will take to fix it.

Overall nowadays we can see every company has an issue with its Electric vehicles and we can see many recalls with EVs and many problems. But every EV company is in the development stage of its EVs so we can expect in the future they will make a perfect EV with experience.

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