No more Tesla Model Y available to buy until April 2023

Now Tesla has sold out all of its production models of Tesla Model Y and there will not any Model Y is available to buy until April in the United States. Yes, Tesla has already out of stock for its Model Y in the first quarter.

The biggest reason for these massive sales of Tesla cars is the $7,500 federal tax credits on Electric vehicles and another main reason the Tesla sales increased is because of the recent price drops on its cars.

Also, recently Tesla Model Y and Model 3 are now eligible for the California $2,000 rebates, So, all of these EV concessions from the government make EVs more affordable and convenient for buyers.

So, according to the company now expected delivery of the Tesla Model Y will be from April to June of 2023.

But right now if you want to buy a Tesla Model Y it will be not possible until April so you can go for the Tesla Model 3 which is another best-selling electric car from Tesla.

So, the Tesla Model 3 is right now available and the expected delivery time for it will be from Feb to March of 2023. But according to our thoughts by the end of this quarter, the Tesla Model 3 may be running out of stock due to the shortage in Model Y so potential EV buyers may choose Model 3 over Model Y due to the long wait.

Overall the Tesla massive price dropped in last month and the government EV tax credits make EVs more affordable and easy to buy. Another factor is EVs are less expensive compared to an ICE car.

Right now the Electric car market is dominated by Tesla in the united states and upcoming Third generation Tesla EVs will be more affordable as per Tesla.

So in the upcoming 3rd generation, Tesla EVs will dominate the entire EV market across the world. Let us know what you think about this Tesla sale and its future in the comment below.

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