Tesla to recall its 362,758 EVs from 2016-2023 over a Full-Self-Driving issue which may cause a crash

Tesla is known for its full-self driving cars and its AI of it, But in the past few years we have seen many issues with this FSD system and it has been improving its Autopilot since it launched.

So, right now Tesla has again recalled its 362,758 EVs which are from the 2016 Model X and Model S to the 2023 Model Y. And this recall of the Tesla EVs was issued by the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) for the FSD Beta equipped Tesla EVs which may cause a crash.

NHTSA has defined some issues in the Tesla FSD beta which have been not fixed by Tesla and can cause a crash. But according to Tesla right now there is not any damage or accident that happened by these issues and these FSD beta issues can be fixed with a Software update.

Possible Issues detected by the NHTSA

Here are the possible issues detected by the NHTSA on the Tesla FSD Beta EVs that may cause a crash in certain conditions.

  • The FSD Beta Tesla EVs can not properly adjust their speed for different speed limits.
  • They can not properly stop at the stop sign at the intersection
  • Unlawfully going through the intersections and exceeding the speed limit while going through the intersection

NHTSA detected some 18 issues in the Teslas FSD system back on January 25 and sent a recall request to Tesla. So, as of now, Tesla has accepted this recall request.

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Solution for this FSD Beta issue

According to some reports Tesla has not totally agreed with the FSD beta issues mentioned by the NHTSA. But however, Tesla has recalled its EVs for the precaution of any potential problems.

Right now the issue is based on software so Tesla can easily fix this problem through an Air update, and the Air update details are not revealed by Tesla.

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