Ford Ranger EV price, range, release date & all specs

Ford is getting ready to unveil the all-new ford ranger EV. The brand is already making efforts to convert such a well truck to electric power. According to reports, it will be a “new truck” as compared to an F-150 early form, making the Ranger one of the most obvious options. Considering that the Ranger is the F-150’s slightly smaller younger brother and is available in more countries globally,

As part of the company’s goal to offer an electric version of every model by the middle of the decade, the blue oval is already working on releasing a hybrid Ranger, which is already an open secret. In this blog post, we are going to provide you with all the information that we know so far about this new ranger. Stick to the end, so that you cannot miss anything about this new Ford EV.

Ford Ranger EV Features

The new Ford Ranger appears to be as amazing as the new F-150. It shares several similarities with its American cousin, including huge matrix LED headlights and ‘C-clamp’ daytime running lights. A larger and more aggressive radiator grille highlights the pickup’s breadth.

The radiator grille has a two-bar section in the center that cuts into the headlights, just like the F-150. The side profile is comparable to the present Ranger, but not quite the same. Moving to the back, you have a choice between halogen and LED taillights, and they have the same identifying graphics on the front as the headlights do.

The brand has made significant technological advancements that enhance its efficiency, strength, riding quality, and performance. The new bodywork is on a more modern chassis. It has a larger track and a wheelbase that are each 50 millimeters longer.

The drivers will have more room because of the extended wheelbase. Regarding the 50 mm wider track, it significantly improves performance, particularly in the load box. You may be able to pack some basic objects flat, such as a full-size or a piece of plywood for construction.

The Ranger EV should be able to tow up to 7,500 pounds or haul 1,860 pounds, just like the existing gas-powered Ranger. A dual-motor all-wheel-drive setup like the F-150 Lightning’s will probably be standard on the Ranger EV when it goes on sale. However, it will be also available in a single motor.

Ford designed a spacious 14.1 cubic foot luggage area with a power-operated lid that is completely secure in a place of a sizable V8 engine up front. There are movable organizers and numerous power outlets inside, which are ideal for keeping bulky objects out of the weather.

ford ranger ev price
Ford Ranger Electric Truck Image: Mtorbiscuit

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Ford Ranger EV Price

With the forthcoming Volkswagen Amarok, the next-generation Ford Ranger is being built. Although this pairing may seem a little odd, CarBuzz claims that it could result in much lower costs for production. If so, the new electric version of the ranger may likely cost around $30,000-$35,000.

This new ranger has a strong probability of being accepted by consumers in the market, exactly like the F-150 model. Following the reports, reservations are no longer being taken because of extremely high demand.

Ford Ranger EV Release Date

There isn’t much longer to wait if you’ve been looking for an electric Ford Ranger. According to some sources, the release date of this car predicts that it will be available sometime in 2025. Considering that Ford intends to start shipping the Lightning in 2022, this makes logical.

As a result, an official launch could occur earlier than the predicted 2025 timeline. It’s not all bad news for those who were looking forward to getting their hands on this new ranger ford.

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Ford Ranger ev range
Ford Ranger Electric Image: Mtorbiscuit

Ford Ranger EV Range & Battery

There are no specific details regarding the range, battery pack, and charging. But, we expect the Ford Ranger EV will have a bog 100kWh-150kWh big battery with around at least a 300-mile range to be effective in the present electric vehicle market. These figures may vary from the actual ones when this EV goes on sale.

The ranger EV can produce up to 9.6 kW of power and has several 110 and 220-volt connections easily positioned in the truck bed, cabin, and trunk. That would be plenty to power a job site, a camping, or even an average home in the event of a power outage.

Ford Ranger EV Power & Performance

The powertrain in question is most likely the 2.3-liter turbocharged EcoBoost unit with a 10- speed automated transmission and an electric motor that produces 270 kW (362 horsepower) and 502 lb.-ft (680 Nanometers) of torque. It will be very unique from the 3.0-liter and 2.5-liter PHEV systems on the Explorer and Escape SUVs and is an entirely new Plug-in Hybrid technology that hasn’t previously been used on a Ford car.

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Ford Ranger EV Interior

The new Ford Ranger’s cabin is more modern and resembles a trendy car. Although the steering wheel, center console, and AC vents were shrunk, the dashboard still maintains the distinctive truck-like design. The interior’s appearance is sleeker and more upscale thanks to less switchgear and fewer physical controls, a 12-inch SYNC 4 portrait touchscreen infotainment system, and a fully digital instrument cluster.

Ford Ranger EV Interior
Ford Ranger EV Interior Image: Mtorbiscuit

With the inclusion of SYNC 4, Ford claims that the new Ranger is the most clever vehicle. Ford Power-Up wireless software updates should make it possible to easily increase the number of linked car options in the future. Remote Start, Vehicle Status, and remote lock and unlock functions are now available via a mobile app.

Ford Ranger EV Specs

Release Date2025
Range300+ miles
Torque502 lb-ft of torque
Charging Time8-9 hours
Seating Capacity5
Towing Capacity7,500 pounds or haul 1,860 pounds
Ford Ranger EV Specs

Ford Ranger EV FAQs

Will Ford make an EV Ranger?

Yes, according to some reports ford is making a fully electric ranger, Which is expected to launch in late 2025.

How much will the Ford Ranger EV cost?

The upcoming Ford Ranger EV is expected to be priced around $30,000-$35,000.

What is the Range of the Ford Ranger EV?

The Ford Ranger EV is expected to have a big 100kWh-150kWh battery that can provide up to 300+ miles from a single charge.

Ford Ranger Electric Truck Video: Car Mechanic

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As you can see, the Ranger EV is a great all-around vehicle that’s versatile enough to be used in any situation. It has an awesome interior, a capable powertrain, and an affordable price tag. If you want something that’s both practical and fun to drive around town then this could be just what you need

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