2024 Honda prologue price, range, interior & all specs

lot of automakers are creating a hybrid, plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, and electric vehicles have risen rapidly in recent years, and those that haven’t been rushing to catch up. After the unsuccessful Clarity sedan, Honda’s second try at an EV seems to be on track with the Honda prologue. The company’s efforts this time around should be competitive because of a joint development contract with Gm.

We can now view Prologue’s style and interior features as well as get an idea of its overall size thanks to Honda’s official pictures, which have given several details that were previously foggy, such as the powertrain and driving range. In this blog post, we are going to take a close look at the prologue starting from its price to its interior. We recommend you stick to the end so that you cannot miss anything about this upcoming Honda EV.

Honda Prologue Features

FWD and AWD options will be available for the Prologue. This electric car concept will likely have the premiere of a new, more advanced Honda Connect system, which includes an AI interface and smartphone connectivity. Additionally, it has a Honda SENSING safety and driver-assistance system with increased detection, prediction, and decision-making abilities, as well as an omnidirectional ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System).

Honda didn’t take any risks while designing the Prologue’s exterior, but you will still enjoy the result. It includes several premium-looking features, angles, and accents and is clear and substantial. It not only appears capable of doing so but also energetic to travel down some dirt roads.

The Honda badge has been swapped out for the word “Honda” at the back. But in Honda’s approach, the capital H is followed by lower-case letters rather than full caps, as is usual. Honda, for example.

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2024 honda prologue ev
2024 honda prologue EV Image: Honda

Honda Prologue Dimensions

Honda has provided some information regarding the Prologue’s dimensions. Similar to the Blazer EV, it will have a wheelbase of 121.8 inches. According to Honda, it will be 78.3 inches in width and 192 inches in length, making it around 8 inches longer and 5 inches wider than the 2023 CR-V. The Prologue will have 21-inch wheels and stand 64.7 inches tall.

The Prologue will likely feature a larger cabin than some of its rivals because of its longer wheelbase. Honda claims that the Prologue will have enough room for both passengers and baggage.

Honda Prologue Price

Honda has yet to provide pricing details for the Prologue, but we anticipate a starting price of roughly around $45,000. This figure is set by the price of other Honda SUVs and EV rivals to the Prologue. For illustration, the 2022 Honda Pilot gas-powered model starts at $38,080 (and you can predict this EV will be roughly more expensive).

It will probably cost about the same as the 2022 Ford Mustang Mach-E, which has a Price of $43,895 as a beginning point. The Specific trims for the Prologue are still to be unclear. However, it is reasonable to anticipate that Honda’s typical trims—LX, EX, EX-L, and Touring—will be returning.

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Honda Prologue Release Date

The Honda Prologue EV SUV is likely to hit the offline Electric vehicle market in early 2024. The electric SUV’s debut, which is likely in late 2023, then we will reveal further information about the release date. The 2024 Prologue will be available at Honda dealerships across the United States, as well as in certain overseas markets.

honda prologue price
honda prologue SUV Image: Honda

Honda Prologue Range & Battery

Honda hasn’t yet provided information about the Prologue’s battery, charging, or range, but we can get some ideas from the upcoming Chevy Blazer EV. Why did we choose a Blazer EV? Considering that the Prologue is based on GM’s newest electric vehicle platform and was created as a result of a relationship.

We estimate that the Prologue will be sized and priced similarly to the Blazer EV, which has a range of roughly about 250 miles on the low end and up to 320 miles on the high end. When it comes to charging, the Prologue’s platform companion features an 11.5 kW onboard AC charger for plugging in at home and a DC outdoor fast-charging capacity of up to 190 kW.

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Honda Prologue Power & Performance

Following their collaboration, this Honda is developed on GM’s Ultium EV platform. With this in mind, the electric motor will probably have either 241 horsepower for front-wheel drive (FWD) or 342 horsepower for all-wheel drive (AWD), while the Ultium Drive system does enable some degree of variance, such as an additional 83 horsepower for the AWD assist motor.

Honda Prologue Interior

There are no significant surprises inside, except for a tech-rich cabin, and it will come with an 11.3-inch audio/connectivity display and a standard completely digital 11-inch driver display screen. A white automobile with a gray inside gets a lot of meaning-spinning from Honda’s PR team.

honda prologue interior
honda prologue interior Image: Honda

Honda claims that a panoramic roof will bring plenty of natural light into that spacious cabin. The best part will likely come as a tremendous comfort to us that the climate settings and other common functions are controllable by physical buttons. Virtual controls simply aren’t as nice as physical ones, let’s admit it.

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Honda Prologue Specs

Release DateEarly 2024
Battery50 – 80 kWh
Range250 – 320 miles
Horsepower241 – 342 hp
TorqueAround 310 lb-ft of Torque
0 – 60 mphUnder 5 seconds
Seating Capacity5
Honda Prologue Specs
2024 Honda Prologue EV Video: Honda

Honda Prologue FAQs

How much is the Honda Prologue going to cost?

The upcoming 2024 Honda Prologue EV is expected to cost around $45,000.

Will the Honda Prologue be AWD?

Yes, the Honda Prologue is available in both RWD and AWD.

What is the range of the Honda Prologue?

The Honda Prologue range will be around 250 to 320 miles from a single charge.

When will the Honda Prologue launch?

The Honda Prologue will launch in early 2024.

How big is the Honda Prologue?

The Honda Prologue is a mid-size SUV it will be 78.3 inches in width and 192 inches in length. Also, the Prologue will have 21-inch wheels and stand 64.7 inches tall.


After reading this blog, you should have a good understanding of the Honda prologue and what it will offer. If you’re still undecided, take the time to test drive one for yourself. There’s no better way to decide than by experiencing the car first-hand. No matter what your final decision is, the Prologue is a great car that offers a lot of value for its price. It’s reliable, efficient, and fun to drive, making it a great choice for anyone in the market for a new car.

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