KIA officially revealed its new All electric Vans series which will be launched in 2025

One of the biggest automotive brands KIA which knows for its ICE cars and now knows for its electric cars which have been becoming popular in the EV segment. Now KIA has officially announced its new PBV(Purpose Built Vehicles) series which will be the All-electric KIA vans.

Yes, KIA has moved forward to the commercial vehicles segment from its new Kia electric vans and has been ready to build its electric commercial vehicles plant in South Korea. Also, Kia has raised 1 Trillion won or American $758 million from different investors and automakers to build its new EV commercial project.

Now according to Kia this new production facility will be ready by 2025 and expected to produce over 150,000 EVs per annum. And in the future, it will increase its production rate.

Right now there are a few companies that are making electric commercial vehicles like Canoo, rivian amazon Vans and Arrival Van, etc. So we can expect Kia will have a chance of early mover like Tesla which is now become the most valuable automaker brand in the world according to a recent Finance report.

Right now Kia has not announced any specific details of these electric vans but it confirmed that all of these new EV Vans will be built under Kias new “eS” Electric Skateboard platform. And this new EV platform has a special feature that Kia called “Flexible Production Method” which has capable to transfer one vehicle to another easily.

Now we have to wait until 2025 to see the new all-electric Kia commercial vehicles which are used for transportation and delivery works etc.

So, let us know in the comment below what is your thought on this new KIA electric Vans.

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