PepsiCo Tesla Semi is ready to start its work on the road

PepsiCo has confirmed that the first set of Tesla Semi is now set to start its work from the Sacramento Facility.

Tesla first delivered their Tesla Semi to PepsiCo last year in December and now PepsiCo has started its first Tesla Semi service from Sacramento Facility California.

And according to PepsiCo, this Tesla Semi fleet was made possible by the Sacramento air facility which granted permission for this semi service.

Tesla took the semi-delivery last year only but it started its first service at the end of the first quarter of 2023. Because PepsiCo has been installing the Megachargers across its facility to charge these electric trucks.

Where some report shows that PepsiCo has already installed 8 Megachargers at its Frenso Facility in California. Now PepsiCo has become the first company to have several electric class trucks which will operate in heavily populated areas.

Also, PepsiCo has a goal to make more than 40% of transportation zero emission by 2040 and its first step is started now from the Tesla semi form.

Overall we know that the future is electric and many EV makers are now focusing on making commercial electric vehicles which will help to make transportation zero emission. Where Kia also recently announce its plans of making Kia EV Vans which will be released in 2025.

So, let us know in the comment below what you think if ICE transportation is replaced by EVs or not.

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