Know why most American does not agree that Tesla Cybertruck is a real truck

As we can see that the Tesla Cybertruck is one of the most anticipated electric pickup trucks in the unites states and has gained a lot of popularity before it can get into people’s hands. But on another side, a survey of American Trucks shows that out of 10 people, 6 peoples does not agree that Tesla’s upcoming Cybertruck is not an actual truck.

Right now we know that the US is the biggest market for pickup trucks and it has recently introduced electric pickup trucks a few years ago. And right now this new EV truck market is dominated by the GMC Hummer EV, Ford F-150 Lightning, Rivian R1T, etc some of the new EV trucks to enter this market in the future and the Cybertruck is also one of them.

Now we don’t know the actual reason why most American truckers do not agree Tesla Cybertruck is not an actual truck. Because every person has a different perspective on the upcoming Cybertruck. But as we can expect the main reason for this disagree will be the design or the exterior of the Cybertruck which looks completely opposite from the pickup truck which has been in the market for decades in the US.

cybertruck boat

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So, most pickup truck users do not connect or have a feeling of a pickup truck on this new design of Cybertruck, and right now by the visuals most pickup truck users not considering the cybertruck as a pickup truck.

But as soon as this Cybertruck launched and they may have a different opinion after using this new truck on actual roads may change their perspective on the Tesla Cybertruck.

Overall Tesla Cybertruck has already been very popular and does not need any extra publicity after the launch. So, let us know in the comment below what is your opinion o the Cybertruck that you agree it’s a pickup truck or not.

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