Used Tesla Model 3 Price has dropped up to 21.5% since 2022

In the last few years, the Tesla and other used car market has dropped rapidly and the one most selling electric car Tesla Model 3 has dropped its price by up to 21.5% as compared to September 2021 to September 2022.

The massive price drop of used cars in the USA in September 2021 is around 4.7% but in 2022 it has gone up to an 8.7% price drop in the used cars market where the 1-5 years old 1.5 million used cars price has dropped massively.

Now, most probably the massive price drop for the used Tesla Model 3 will be due to the recent price drop of the Tesla Model 3 in the US. And this price drop made the new Tesla Model 3 price lesser than the used Tesla Model 3 price from the previous years.

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So, a massive price drop has begun for Tesla cars in the used car market. Also in a few years, there are many other EVs entering a market where the demand for Tesla cars has decreased and due to the less demand the price is dropped rapidly for the Tesla EVs in the USA.

Also, in the future as soon as the other EVs begin to join this EV race Tesla may drop its EV price again to win or keep up in the future EV race or EV price war.

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