Tesla Gigafactory Berlin has achieved the 5000 EVs per week in almost 1 year

Tesla has officially confirmed by a tweet as they have achieved the milestone of making 5000 electric cars per week in the Tesla Gigafactory Berlin.

As the tweet says Tesla has achieved its goal of making 5000 electric cars per week within almost a year as they first deliver the cars to the customer from the Giga berline.

But this 5000 electric cars per week milestone goal is achieved a little late by Tela as their previous goal is to reach this 5000 per week production by the end of 2022. But Tesla has been able to produce 3000 electric cars per week as their reports.

But according to Tesla, some supply chain problems and other material shortages have made this production slow. But as soon as the supply chain improved Tesla ramped up its production capacity day by day.

This resulted in the improvement in production as 2023 started when Tesla Giga berlin achieved the new 4000 electric cars per week by the end of February.

After one month from this 4000 EVs per week, Tesla Gigafactory berlin has achieved its milestone of 5000 EVs per week in the month of march as they shared this achievement on tweeter.

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Also, if Tesla Gigafactory berlin has able to keep this production rate of 5000 EVs per week, Then Tesla can easily make around 250,000 EVs per year from this Giga berlin by the end of 2023.

According to some reports Tesla has been approved to make 500,00 EVs per year from their Gigafactory. But Tesla has requested the authorities to produce over 1 million EVs from Giga berlin which could be approved by the authorities by checking the environmental effects which could happen by this large-scale production.

Also, this 5000 EVs per week is achieved by the Tesla Giga berlin from the Tesla Model Y, and from this achievement, Tesla may add a new model to this production which could be the Tesla Model 3. Where both of these models are the highest-selling EVs of Tesla in Europe.

Overall as this achievement we can expect by the end of this year, Tesla can reach up to 10,000 EVs per week as per their speed in the production line in the Gigafactory berlin.

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